‘Humanist Doomsday Myth Scares Children’ (2009)

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See? They’ve been doing it for years–scaring children (and adults) with their global warming gloom and doom. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t invent it.

In 2009 a poll found “one in three children” aged six to eleven “fear the demise of the planet.” I interviewed the head honcho of “Habitat Heroes,” who tried very hard to distance himself from the scare merchants. Judge for yourselves whether he succeeded.


What we have with the Climate Change scam is a humanist, no-God-involved, End Times scenario. And if there’s any God in it at all, it’s a weak, pitiful God who can only wring His hands as we destroy His creation by driving cars, having air conditioners, and using toilet paper.

It’s ten years later and they’re still at it. Shame on us for allowing them to scare us with it.

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  1. I was taught that there would be no trees by the time I grew up, and that was being taught in the early sixties. For a time, it influenced my thinking, but then I realized that they had lied to me in school. It was one of the things that helped me to realize just how treacherous the current situation has become. What kind of person would feel justified in lying to children, just for political gain?

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