Time for a Laugh: Bob & Ray, and ‘The World’s Largest Living Lizard’

A good laugh is a gift of God, and I don’t know about you this morning, but I need one!

So here are Bob & Ray with a bizarre comedy routine they first performed in 1970. What happens when an expert in an obscure field of knowledge is interviewed by a total idiot? Listen, and find out.

If you’re too young to remember Bob & Ray, give them a chance. This is dry, quietly crazy humor at its very best.

I’ve never been interviewed by anyone who can’t remember what I said from one minute to the next. Maybe if I’m lucky, I never will be.

4 comments on “Time for a Laugh: Bob & Ray, and ‘The World’s Largest Living Lizard’

  1. LOL – how extant & prescient. If we wanted the kids to see a Komoto dragon, we’d take them to Washington DC, yes, but to see Congress, in session! And the “smell” would be coming from their groupspeak mouth.

  2. I used to love Bob & Ray. There was one recurring guest — was it Mary Margaret McGoo? — who was a great advocate of cooking with chicken fat, and who used to say, “If it’s digestible at all, it’s digestible with chicken fat.” And then there was the “Bob & Ray US Army Overstocked Government Surplus Warehouse” that my mother and I used to joke about when we were talking about my Aunt Sylvia’s overloaded refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.

  3. They werehilarious, without ever resorting to theover the top antics of modern comedy. Classic stuff. I don’t think that anyone else could deliver the way they did.

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