You Can’t Argue with a Kool-Ade Drinker

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Yesterday at the Y, I was talking with one of my friends. She was saying she thought the End Times were just about upon us, and that we ought to be able to see signs of it–like people having to take the mark of the Beast, for instance.

“That’s already happened,” I said. “In Canada last year, they made it a rule that you have to sign an affadavit pledging your support for abortion before you could get a summer job” (

That this actually happened is an indisputable fact. But no fact ever stopped a liberal. Into the conversation, uninvited, dove a lib who’d overheard us, insisting that no such thing had ever happened and anyway they didn’t mean “abortion,” they only meant “choice.” Here we have the liberal lecturing us about a news item she had literally never heard of until less than a minute ago: lecturing me, who had read the news at the time, written about it, and discussed it with others.

What the Canadian government actually called it was “women’s reproductive rights.” Is there really any doubt as to what happens to the baby when “women’s reproductive rights” are applied to it?

But the liberal kept yammering away from her ideological straitjacket until my friend was called away to answer the phone and I decided it was a waste of time, as it always is, to argue with a leftid. You really can’t have a rational discussion with someone who rejects facts, reason, common sense, and the ordinary meanings of commonly used words.

Betcha anything she can’t even say “abortion.” But again, it would not have been worthwhile to inquire into that.

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3 responses to “You Can’t Argue with a Kool-Ade Drinker

  • unknowable2

    It is the strong delusion spoken of in 2 Thess 2:11, at least in my opinion.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    This post makes me think of Fox News hiring Donna Brazille as a Fox Contributor. Why? You can’t have a conversation with her. She talks over you. She just mouths talking points. She spouts how Obama paved the way for our recent economic turn-around. And she is a cheater (gave Hillary questions for the debate against Trump ahead of time).


    • leeduigon

      I used to have some respect for her intelligence, until I perceived that she has not even the slightest vestige of integrity. Fox ought to be embarrassed to put her on the air.


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