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“Putting a Chip in Your Brain Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god)”

Why do ideas as bad as this sound so smart to some people?

From Marcia Settles’ blog, “A Mom Looking Up” (Finally found the “Reblog” button!)

A Mom Looking Up

It is very likely I’ve shared this before, but it deserves to be posted every so often.

If you have been paying attention, you have undoubtedly arrived at the conclusion that not only will the mark of the beast involve technology, but it will fundamentally change its bearer at the genetic level. DNA will be manipulated.

Here’s how I see it unfolding: at some point in the not-too-distant future, alien disclosure will occur. Very likely this will be after the bride of Christ and the Restrainer are removed. The world will be in shock and turmoil from countless people suddenly missing. When the natural disasters hit at never-before-seen levels, the anti-christ will emerge promising a solution to all the problems and ushering in the NWO the globalists have been yapping about for decades. He may or may not claim an ET origin. The “aliens” will either be heralded as saviors…

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You Can’t Argue with a Kool-Ade Drinker

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Yesterday at the Y, I was talking with one of my friends. She was saying she thought the End Times were just about upon us, and that we ought to be able to see signs of it–like people having to take the mark of the Beast, for instance.

“That’s already happened,” I said. “In Canada last year, they made it a rule that you have to sign an affadavit pledging your support for abortion before you could get a summer job” (https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2018/02/canadas-pro-abortion-politics).

That this actually happened is an indisputable fact. But no fact ever stopped a liberal. Into the conversation, uninvited, dove a lib who’d overheard us, insisting that no such thing had ever happened and anyway they didn’t mean “abortion,” they only meant “choice.” Here we have the liberal lecturing us about a news item she had literally never heard of until less than a minute ago: lecturing me, who had read the news at the time, written about it, and discussed it with others.

What the Canadian government actually called it was “women’s reproductive rights.” Is there really any doubt as to what happens to the baby when “women’s reproductive rights” are applied to it?

But the liberal kept yammering away from her ideological straitjacket until my friend was called away to answer the phone and I decided it was a waste of time, as it always is, to argue with a leftid. You really can’t have a rational discussion with someone who rejects facts, reason, common sense, and the ordinary meanings of commonly used words.

Betcha anything she can’t even say “abortion.” But again, it would not have been worthwhile to inquire into that.

There’s Always a Crisis Brewing Somewhere

Image result for images of cuban missile crisis

Before we entirely convince ourselves that the End Times are here, let’s consult our history.

The year I was born, the communists took over China. Crisis. Then came the Korean War, all that fuss about Berlin, and in 1956 the people of Hungary revolted against their Soviet overlords and were bloodily put down. And my home county was suddenly full of Hungarian refugees.

Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Almost had a nuclear war over that one. And then the Viet Nam War, a bunch of Arab-Israeli wars, and, God help us, the turmoil of the Sixties. That was bad enough over here, but even worse in France: mobs of “students” almost wrecked Paris.

El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Iran hostage crisis–and all that fun and games from one end of Africa to the other: crisis, crisis everywhere. In fact, I don’t remember a time when there wasn’t a crisis brewing somewhere, several of which exploded into war. Not to mention 9/11. And I missed living through a fearful crisis that was worse than all of the above put together–World War II. Think we have it rough now? It was much worse in 1941-42.

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars… For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places…”   Matthew 24:6-7

This state of the world, described by Our Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of the Pax Romana, has prevailed for centuries and we are not yet out of it. We will not be out of it until He comes again.

And what can we do but follow His instructions, and work diligently for His kingdom, remain at our assigned posts… and watch? How many times are we warned in the Bible that He will come as a thief in the night, when the world does not expect Him?

God’s patience is so much greater than ours; like Aslan, He calls all times “soon.” When the Son of Man does come again, I doubt anyone will be in a position to say “See, I told you!”

But I’m sure He understands our feeling–which I so often share–that the End Times are upon us.

Christ’s Reign Is A Certainty

Image result for images of christ pantokrator

The image above is an icon of Christ Pantokrator, “Christ the Ruler of All.”

Some of us, myself included, are dismayed by the moral and spiritual disease afflicting our country and the world. But we mustn’t give in to despair, and we mustn’t be surprised. Wars, crime, tyrants, heresies, and outright folly–these are the products of the human heart, which Jeremiah described as desperately wicked (Jer. 17:9). We, the human race, are sinners; and sinners sin.

Surveying the news, we can hardly help believing we have entered the End Times, the last days. But there have been worse times than these. World War II was one of them. We are preyed upon by wicked and ungodly persons; but the villains we confront are pretty small potatoes compared to the Hermann Goering Division, or the Imperial Japanese Navy. And didn’t we just defeat the villains in a national election? I mean, we’re talking about people who go running for the Play-Doh because their party lost. We ought to be ashamed to be afraid of them.

Our world is the way it is because of our free will, abused on a massive scale.

Where I live, it’s been terribly cold all weekend, with high winds–most unpleasant. But when I went outside this morning, I saw green shoots coming up all over.

These tell us, in a soft and sometimes nearly inaudible voice, that God is nigh. With infinite patience, knowing that to break our free will would be to damage us beyond repair, God is working all the time to restore and renovate His whole Creation, which He will place under the absolute kingship of Jesus Christ, His Son. We know that this end is a certainly because the Lord has said so.

God’s chess game, and the moves He makes in it, are too deep for any human being to fathom. Most of them, we don’t even see. Nevertheless, He moves. And we must have faith in the eventual and inevitable outcome of the game. It will end in evil being checkmated and cast out of God’s Creation forever: for the Lord has said so.

It’s our job to keep listening for God’s voice, to do our work conscientiously, as good servants who don’t know when their Lord will come home, but who do know that He will come home, and who will want Him to find them at their posts when He does.

For the Lord will do as He has said. He will!

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