‘The Modern Selling of Indulgences’

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Andrea Schwartz, Chalcedon’s resident homeschooling analyst, has likened today’s college admissions scandal to the old, corrupt practice of “indulgences” sold by the Church to get the buyer out of being punished for his sins.


In either case, you got what you wanted–as long as you could pay for it. So kids who have no business being in college can go to the top prestige schools in the land, once their parents ante up.

“It is wrong to feed the godless propaganda machine that the university has become,” Andrea says. To which I would add, not only wrong, but actively dangerous to the health and survival of our nation.

3 comments on “‘The Modern Selling of Indulgences’

  1. Trump has issued an Executive Order that colleges & universities have to allow freedom of speech or else lose federal grant money. The MSM is not even reporting on this major act, and the Conservative commentators are currently absorbed with the Mueller Report finally being completed. Also, Betsy Devos is trying to eliminate the policies President *Batteries-not-include implemented but liberal judges keep blocking her efforts. Hopefully soon President Trump will catch up with DeVos’ attempts at improving education and use his pen to correct what needs to be corrected. Funny how Charter Schools have everyone so confused – are they public schools or private schools?

    1. And don’t forget the Supreme Court ruling, some months ago, that teacher unions can no longer just suck money out of members’ paychecks and dole it out to political campaigns. I’ve got to believe the villains will feel that, down the road.

      Nothing has done more harm to our country than our public education system.

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