Rollickin’ Rabbits

I’ve never had a pet rabbit–look what I’ve been missing! *sigh* My cats will have to do.

I think somebody told me once that you shouldn’t give pet bunnies baths or showers. The one getting showered in this video seems to be bearing up very well. Really, though, some animals do a very good job of grooming themselves and grooming each other. We need not interfere.

Although all bets are off when your dog rolls in something rotten.

4 comments on “Rollickin’ Rabbits

  1. What a cute and appealing face, at the start of the video. I’ve never had a pet rabbit, but they sure seem appealing. That second bunny taking a shower was colored almost identically to a certain Siamese of my acquaintance, but I’m not one to name names. 🙂

  2. Lee, you are on a roll with these rabbit videos. When I had my website I had a bunch of videos on it. Our Bincy bunny looked just like the couple in your picture above. She is now 12 years old, our oldest bunny so far. We have always given our bunnies a bath in the kitchen sink when they needed one – which wasn’t very often. And yes, bunnies love bananas, but go easy because they have a very sensitive digestive system.

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