Green New Deal Gets… Zero Votes!

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Well, there you have it: they tell us the world’s gonna end in 12 years and we’re all gonna die unless we do exactly what they say–and then, when they get a chance to vote for it in the U.S. Senate, not one Democrat Senator, no, not one, voted yesterday for their precious “Green New Deal.”

What? Do they not care that we’re all freakin’ doomed? They told us that we have to do these things! Stop all use of fossil fuels. Guaranteed income for layabouts who refuse to work. No more private home ownership. No more cars. They go on and on about it; and then, when they get a chance to go on the record for it, they all vote “present”!

Yup, that’s what they did in the U.S. Senate yesterday. Fifty-three Republican senators, plus three Democrats who didn’t dare ever to go home again unless they voted “no,” voted against the Green New Deal; and 42 Democrat senators voted “present.” In the same sense that a pineapple or an ashtray would be “present.”

Like we’ve been observing all along, the Climbit Change crowd doesn’t believe a single word they say: it’s all for consumption by the stupid masses. Our rulers mean to rule us whether we like it or not.

They need an attitude adjustment.

Anyway, they couldn’t bring themselves to vote in favor of their own Green New Deal that they invented and pitched to us as absolutely necessary as the only possible way to escape Doomsday.

When a chef can’t be made to take a single forkful of the meal that he’s prepared for someone else, think poison.

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