NJ to Approve ‘Assisted Suicide’

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First do no harm… NOT!

The Democrat death cult has its claws fastened on New Jersey. They failed on Monday to legalize “recreational marijuana,” but yesterday both houses of the legislature passed an “assisted suicide” bill which the governor is eager to sign into law today (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/new-jersey-legislature-passes-bill-legalizing-assisted-suicide-28830).

Wherever you find Democrats in charge, you’ll find laws favoring abortion, sexual anarchy, suicide, and drug use.

Our governor cites his “strict Catholic upbringing.” Well, obviously he’s totally rejected everything they tried to teach him. Boy, if you could ever find a way to harness liberal hypocrisy, we could get rid of fossil fuels the same day.

They pitch assisted suicide to us as humane, an escape from agony, it’s only gonna be after a doctor says you’ve got just six months or less to live–and we all know doctors are always right about that, don’t we?

They don’t say anything about “end of life counselors” or family members who hate you gathered around your sick-bed like vultures and nagging you to end it all. “C,mon! Don’t you realize how much money it costs to keep you alive? C’mon, now, kill yourself! Do it now!”

No fear of God. Like they’ll never have to stand before His judgment seat.

Good luck with that, sunshine.

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  1. They’ll assist you in committing suicide even if you don’t want to commit suicide. (This is already happening on a massive scale in the Netherlands.) Of course, when I was young this kind of involuntary “suicide” was known as “homicide.”

  2. When the push to legalize “medically assisted suicide” in Canada was being made, there were always cases and the odd disabled person trotted out to show how this was somehow kinder than letting a person “suffer”. Tragic stories, to be sure, pulling at all the right heartstrings. People in the disabled community were overwhelmingly against it, because they knew that once MAS was brought in, their very lives were at stake, as where the lives of any child born with a disability. Even aside from people being pressured or convinced to off themselves, MAS is just a step away from full on euthanasia. After all, it would be cruel to let a child who will spend their life in a wheelchair to live… er… suffer, so just end its life right away. Just had an accident and will be permanently disabled? Why spend all that money keeping a suffering person alive; their life is basically over, anyhow. Getting old and feeble and can’t take care of yourself? Better to choose “death with dignity”, right? Why bother improving palliative care, when you can just get rid of people before they need it?

    One of the people I know who has been a huge fighter against the proposed law, and continuing to fight it now, has a doctorate, and a long list of initials after her name. She is a scriptwriter and has several short, independent movies under her belt. She is a university professor. She has numerous other achievements. She also uses a motorized wheelchair, has very limited mobility requiring a 24hr assistant, and is essentially non-verbal. With our current culture, her life isn’t worth living because of her physical disabilities, and her parents would have been pressured to abort her (who am I kidding; they probably were, even back then). She knows full well that, under MAS, any time she has a medical emergency and needs hospitalization, chances are greater that she will be pressured to “choose” MAS, and that it will affect the quality of her care.

    The law was passed in June of 2017. By October, 2017, there were already about 2000 assisted deaths. Assisted suicide is already about 1% of all deaths in Canada.

    By July of 2018, that number jumped to almost closer to 4000
    Keep in mind that the suicide rates (the non-medical kind) in Canada is about 4000 people per year.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been reading how, in places like Belgium and The Netherlands, seniors are afraid to go to the hospital, because they might get euthanized without their consent, and doctors tell of euthanizing newborns with health problems, without the parents knowledge or consent, then telling the parents their child died due to their health issues or disabilities.

    It saddens me that US states are not learning from the mistakes of other countries, and are instead embracing them.

    1. Thank you for that, Re-Farmer: very informative, very much to the point.

      I would say the chief motivation to bring in assisted suicide is depravity. Liberalism and depravity are two wheels on the same axle.

  3. It’s a very slippery slope. I have heard, well into the past, of persons whom were administered pain killers when they were close to death and dying from the medication required to control their pain. But the next step is hurrying matters along by using injudicious dosesof pain control meds. Pretty soon, it’s a shooting gallery with the patients as targets.

    In Ben Stein’s movie, “Expelled”, he talks about the atheistic mindset in Nazi Germany and how that allowed the taking of human life to become accepted in their society. I fear that we are approaching that point.

  4. Legalized Assisted Suicide is found in a box marked “Pandora.” Study where other countries have legalized this practice and see how it devolves into teenagers also getting to off their lives – and probably with public funds.

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