‘After Christian School… It All Goes South’ (2016)

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I’ve seen this for myself–how years of Christian schooling can be so quickly undone by public education.


Can it be the Christian schools just aren’t as strong as they ought to be? I don’t know. I’ve taught in a wonderful Catholic school, and I’ve taught in wretched public schools. I don’t know what would happen to a child educated at St. Helena’s if he were taken out of there after eighth grade and thrust into a public high school. All I can say for sure is that I’d never, never make the experiment.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters keep them out of public education.

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2 responses to “‘After Christian School… It All Goes South’ (2016)

  • unknowable2

    Noth8ng like handing a child over to a system that is anti-God.


  • Re-Farmer

    J. Warner Wallace of https://coldcasechristianity.com/ addresses the issue of why youth leave the church in such high numbers, a great deal. Too often, parents and churches do not prepare kids on how to respond to even the most common and easily refuted challenges to Christianity. So once they are outside the “bubble”, and get faced with questions and theological challenges they don’t know how to respond to, they quickly lose their faith. The typically happens once kids enter college or university. It would be so much harder for younger children, getting thrown to the wolves of public school indoctrination.


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