They Think the Electoral College Is a Real School

As you watch this video, bear in mind two things. 1. Education in America is compulsory. Everyone gets educated. 2. Our public education system is the biggest and costliest in human history.

What is the excuse for all these 20-somethings not to know what the Electoral College is? They think it’s a real college, probably with a football team. They have all been publicly educated, and at great cost. They have the right to vote, if they can remember to do so.

True, the video’s too long. After three or four minutes, you’ll get the point.

The fewer people who vote, the better. Rule by ignoramuses, we don’t need.

6 comments on “They Think the Electoral College Is a Real School

  1. Consider that most of these genius students will be voting in the next presidential election. Then weep for America.

  2. Hey, I have two PHDs in superhero studies from the Electoral Collidge. I met this dude on the street and as long as I answered his questions right, I’d earn my degree. He printed it for me, right on the spot.

  3. Glad to see an Info Wars video on this blog. Info Wars is a lot bigger than just Alex Jones. Info Wars was a great boost in getting Donald Trump elected President. They were everywhere on the Internet – and that is why they were censored monolithicly by the Big Tech companies who lean Left way Left.

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