Dems Seek Still More Control over Nooze Media

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So Fox News, in 2016, did not run a story about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s so-called affair with porn actress “Stormy” Daniels–and now House Democrats are looking to punish Fox for that decision (

This is our “free and independent press” that the Dems absolutely love when it’s carrying their water–which most nooze outlets do, most of the time. And now Dems are saying that the “free and independent press” should be punished for freely and independently choosing not to cover a certain story in time to bend an election toward the Democrats.

Are these people totally disgusting, or what?

So the House Committee on Crushing Freedom or whatever they call it has demanded “documents” held by the Fox reporter who researched Trump & Daniels. Meanwhile her editor has told them to take a long walk off a short pier.

They want the “documents” because they’re trying to show that Fox’s decision not to run with the story constituted an in-kind campaign contribution and therefor violated campaign finance law.

They could just as easily say a favorable story about a candidate was also an in-kind contribution and a violation of the law. They can get you for running with the story, or they can get you for not running with it. Either way, they’ve got you.

So what we have here is a barefaced attempt to exercise total control over what news gets reported in America and what news doesn’t–even at a time when almost all the “mainstream” nooze media have voluntarily sold themselves into slavery to the Democrat Party: and sold themselves cheap, at that.

If you voted for them, you really ought to be ashamed of yourself.

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    1. It boils down to this: *any* editorial decision can be depicted as a “contribution in kind” to a political campaign. After all, running an anti-Trump story would have helped the Clinton campaign and violated campaign finance laws; but not running it would have helped Trump, and violated campaign finance laws. They’ve got you coming and going.

    2. You’d think they’d be satisfied with the whole “mainstream press” as their lap dogs… but then liberals are never satisfied. I mean that literally.

  1. The MSM had pictures of Barack Obama with Louis Farrakhan but withheld them until after the election – way after the election. Jesus had a lot to say about hypocrites when he walked around Judea interacting with their elites.

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