The Age of Krazy Krap

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I’m not laughing as much as I ought to at all the krazy krap pouring out of liberals’ minds and mouths these days.

I mean, it should be funny–right?–when liberals demand Open Borders and then freak out when President Trump offers to release hordes of illegal aliens into liberal-run sanctuary cities. Sure, it’s funny. But what’s not so funny is that the leftids’ own towering hypocrisy is completely invisible to them. You offer to give them what they say they want, and then they don’t want it. And so they continue to press for Open Borders for all the rest of us.

Yes, it was high comedy when Mitch McConnell put up the Democrats’ Green New Deal for a vote in the Senate, and they not only cried “Foul!” with wailing and gnashing of teeth–but couldn’t find it in themselves to vote in favor of their own utopian fun pack. That was a hoot. But it’s not funny that they continue to demand all these restrictions for the rest of us.

Fifty-odd “genders” ought to be a scream, and of course we ought to laugh at it. But when they want to make it a criminal offense not to acquiesce to this delusion, that’s not exactly a knee-slapper.

They insist the world is gonna end in just 12 years if we don’t give them everything they want–To Save The Planet, don’t you know–and that ought to have us rolling in the aisles. But their 2016 party platform, the platform their presidential candidate ran on, called for the attorney general to “investigate” the crime of Climate Change Denial–the crime of not believing in their apocalyptic piffle.

Mr. Bean, the Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello, and Laurel and Hardy put together couldn’t match the high goofiness created by liberals today. It’s not just that their ideas are wrong. It’s that their ideas are flagrantly, monumentally, hysterically, out-to-lunch wrong. To the point where we really have to wonder if they’re quite all there.

The thought of them ever again winning an election… Well, that’s not funny at all.

5 comments on “The Age of Krazy Krap

  1. Here’s some krazy krap I just read regarding Pittsburgh’s illegally overriding state law with its own gun law, which the prosecutor was asked to prosecute. Democratic (of course) DA Zappata Jr. said: Prosecutors won’t consider criminal charges until after the law goes into effect and someone is accused of violating them. Sometimes I feel like i’m losing it when democrats are so ‘funny’ it makes me want to cry. If there was a vaccine that immunized me against liberal infestation, it would be the only one I’d take.

    1. He wants to prosecute people for breaking a law that hasn’t become a law yet? What do you even call that–“Ex pre facto”?

    2. LOL. Now that IS funny! Just don’t let the House know or they’ll add it to their doublespeak dictionary as something logical. Then public schools will teach it. Then de Blasio will.. Oy! Enough of liberalism for the day. You?

  2. Good one, Lee – your smoking, and I don’t me a cigar. Psalm 2 tells us God in heaven laughs at mankind’s plans to build an utopia apart from His plans for the earth, so I guess it is proper for us to laugh right along with Him.

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