‘Encountering Sheer Loopiness’ (2016)

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Good grief! I thought it was bad in 2016?

Encountering Sheer Loopiness

The Left grows more irrational by the day. I don’t know how to talk to these people anymore. There’s  no common ground. Just this weird look in their eyes when they start talking about universal free stuff and “no more categories anymore.”

And thanks to our public schools and colleges, there are more of these wackos every day.

If we lose our republic and our civilization, no one will be more to blame than our “education” establishment.

Educating ourselves to death…

7 comments on “‘Encountering Sheer Loopiness’ (2016)

    1. Honestly, I don’t understand how there can be 250 voters in America willing to buy what those Far Left loons are selling; and yet I know there are millions who have already bought it.

    2. Schools are a big one, but some of it is apathy and complacency. We’ve had it so good that people have forgotten how good they have had it. They want socialism, but they have never lived under socialism. Most of the them probably have never even been outside of the United States. They think the grass is greener on the other side, but there being taken advantage of by modern snake oil salesmen.

    3. It is true that when all the real problems have been solved, insofar as is humanly possible, “leaders” like to turn the nation’s attention to imaginary problems. These are ideal because they can never be solved and never go away, and thus can always be used as a rallying point.

  1. Have you watched any of the youtube “news” programs? The Council on Foreign Relations is openly yakking there now, sign naming them is plastered on the wall above the speakers. Years ago, they were a quiet
    underground group– not any more.

  2. By the way, have you all read John Stormer’s book None Dare Call It Treason. I read it years ago, tried to tell people about it, and they would poo poo the whole thing, saying “ah, people would never put up with that” etc. Well, guess what, we have gone beyond that now.

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