AMA Wants to Do Away with “Sex”

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One of the things that makes me so flaming tired is having to write about other people’s delusions.

The American Medical Assn. is calling for “sex” to be removed from birth certificates and other official documents. Why? I mean, they’re doctors, aren’t they? So they know perfectly well that every human being, with only rare exceptions, is either male or female; but they don’t want to know that. Because… “it can lead to discrimination” ( Unspecified kinds of discrimination, of course. Noting a person’s sex is also “actively deleterious to their health.” How? Shut up, you hater.

This is the AMA. It’s not supposed to be some bulls**t group that sways this way and that with every change of the political winds. But that’s what you get when you mix “science” with politics. You get politics.

So now it’s a career risk to say a man is a man and a woman is a woman. They know they’re spouting nonsense, they know they’re telling lies, but keep on doing it. They know they’re poisoning our culture in ways that haven’t even been guessed at yet. They know and they don’t care. Go along to get along. And who’s so bold as to disobey the LGBTQ machine?

Integrity… It’s a thing that people used to have.

Are You ‘Anti-Science’?

The Onion on Twitter: "Researchers Warn Coronavirus May Use Propeller Hat  To Stay Airborne… "

Are you anti-science? Before you can answer the question, you have to find out what “anti-science” means. Some guy on YouTube explained it the other day.

Discussing–well, let’s say “denouncing”–“vaccine hesitation,” the Scientist informs us that any doubt, any criticism, any questioning of Science with a capital S automatically puts you in the “anti-science” camp. Boo. Hiss. If you don’t run out and get your shot ASAP, you are “anti-science.”

What do you get when you mix politics and science? You get politics. And that’s pretty much what our exalted Science has become. It got really rolling down the totalitarian speedway with the Global Warming hoax, which has since morphed into the Climate Change scam. And then along came King COVID–just what they were waiting for!

So you can’t ask, “Are we sure we want to mess around with messenger RNA?” You can’t ask, “What will be the long-term effects of this experimental drug, say ten years down the road?” There hasn’t been anywhere near enough time for longitudinal studies, but you can’t say that, either. It’d make you anti-science.

Remember the thalidomide scare of the late 50s-early 60s? The world rushed into that, didn’t it? Well, why not? Thalidomide was science! It turned out also to be a virtual guarantee of horrendous birth defects and had to be pulled from the world market. Happily for the United States, the FDA never approved the drug for use in our country.

Rushing into things, complicated things, just because Science says they’re good things, so shut up–what is this but folly? Is fear of COVID a good reason for trashing our economy and jettisoning our liberties?

If you don’t think so, you must be anti-science.


Oh, No! Air Is Racist, Too!

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Uh… Aren’t our polluted cities governed mostly by “Science”-loving liberals?

When the National Academy of Sciences talks Science, all you peasants better listen!

The NAS has just discovered “pollution inequity,” caused by racist white people whose activities–such as using electricity–turn the air itself racist ( ‘Cause, see, white folks cause most of the air pollution and People Of Color… breathe most of it! (Shut up! This is Science!)

But not to worry, social justice is at hand. The government’s got this. Simply charge those evil white folks more money for electricity–’cause after all they use so much of it–and charge POCs less! It’s a kind of reparations. And NPR is all in favor of that, so there!

Had enough yet, America?


YouTube Cancels Skepticism About COVID Vaccines

"Inquisition" (Stargate Atlantis) » GateWorld

“Consensus” can get out of hand

One by one, Big Tech is canceling from the social media anyone who raises questions about the safety or efficacy, or even the morality, of the new COVID-19 vaccines. The censorship campaign was launched late last year.

From YouTube we get this: It “would now ban any content with claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contradict consensus from local authorities or the World Health Organization” ( And just like that, “consensus” is elevated to the status of an idol, and the World Health Organization to an absolute authority that cannot be questioned. Never mind that it’s an arm of the abjectly corrupt United Nations.

And legitimate concerns and questions about the vaccines are equated with daft quackery and unhinged conspiracy theories. But in truth, you can question the COVID-19 vaccines without rejecting tried and successful vaccines for, say, polio or smallpox. Questioning does not turn you into a wild-eyed “anti-vaccine” conspiracy nut.

What do you get when you mix science with politics? You get… politics!

When I studied Political Science in college, politics was defined as “the authoritative allocation of value.” The key word there is “authoritative.” It includes the “authority” of brute force, coercion, and shouting down dissent.

And what is “consensus”? It’s nothing more than what everybody, or practically everybody, thinks at the time. “Consensus” doesn’t have to be true, and all too often, it isn’t. The experts can be wrong. The power brokers can be wrong. That’s why real science, an endangered species, always leaves the door open for further questions. But the tough guys with the keys to the jailhouse don’t want to hear any questions.

This is not how honest men and women behave. Whenever “science” relies exclusively on consensus, it isn’t science anymore. It’s only politics.

I don’t have the scientific background to ask penetrating questions about the vaccines. But I do know enough about politics to question the capacity and the motivations of the persons who are pushing the vaccines.

And those are questions that everybody needs to ask.

Study Finds ‘150 Million White Supremacists’

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In a new scientific study funded by George Sauros and Diversity News, scientists report that the Untied States is home to “at least 150 million white supremacists–who are, moreover, directly responsible for Climate Change, COVID-19, and everybody else’s failures.”

“They like to say a lot of these people aren’t white at all,” said project director Dearie O’Leary, B.S., “but we are going all the way with our computer model! Computers don’t lie! Science doesn’t lie! Eeeeeyaaaah!”

“A good 20 minutes went into the creation of that computer model!” declared the assistant director, Gender Studies Professor I Feelz Pretty. “This is all about Social Justice! This is about saving America from the American people. And sometimes you have to destroy things to save them.”

Diversity News Anchor Kim Jong Un Clydesdale, in an interview with a terrapin, suggested “150 million white supremacists is probably low-balling it. Betcha anything it’s more like 250 million! I’ve heard President Biden keeps the real number in his sock drawer–wherever that is. He hasn’t seen it lately.”

What to do about 150-250 million white supremacists?

“Suffice it to say that whatever it turns out to be, the answer will be scientific! with a capital C!” said Ms. O’Leary.

‘Saudi Scientists “Admit”… What?’ (2017)

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How refreshing! Scientists candidly admitting they’re ashamed of the state of science today, especially in their own countries–but of course these were Saudi Arabian scientists, not American or British.

Saudi Scientists ‘Admit’… What?

At least these Saudi scientists know they’re just whistlin’ Dixie. Here in America, our scientists hop into bed with Democrats as soon as you wag a dollar bill at them.

Question: What do you get when you mix science and politics?

Answer: Politics!

‘Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob’ (2016)

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Look at that. It’s been four years since Science discovered–to its dismay, we might add–that “global warming” is caused not by common people’s air conditioners and toilet paper, but by vast natural processes that no one understands and no amount of government can control. In this case, an overall warming of the Pacific Ocean: “El Nino,”

Party’s Over for Global Warming Mob

Well, you weren’t expecting leftids to give up “Climate Change,” did you? It’s the best excuse they’ve ever concocted for grabbing control of other people’s lives. It’s kind of a sickness with them. Like alcoholism.

Oh–and over here it’s twenty-some degrees this morning… Hoo-hah, Global Warming.

What bunk.

‘Everything Is Bad for You’

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They could drive you crazy.

“Everything is bad for you,” said my sister–a health care professional, by the way–“so I’m just giving up and having pizza.”

What do you get when you mix science with politics? You get politics.

What do you get when you mix science with “journalism”? You get pure, unadulterated, scare-mongering “journalism.”

There used to be a feature on the evening nooze around here. a Dr. So-and-so, who came on every night to urge his viewers to get tested for just about everything. If you were ever mad enough to take him seriously, you’d be doing nothing but running to the doctor for one test after another.

Life is incredibly complex, nature is vaster than anyone can truly grasp, and listening to the Experts, who told us that “millions” of us were gonna die from COVID-19, led to truly crazy public policies–shutting down the economy, placing healthy people under quarantine, forbidding church services, weddings, and funerals–but not riots!–and thrusting us all into this weird drama that’s gone on for six months so far and is still in force wherever the ruling politicians want it to be.

Sometimes you can’t even do what the experts advise because their advice splits off into several contradictory directions all at once. Eat this! Never eat this! Beware the Obesity Epidemic–but “fat” is something to be proud of! Conform your meals to the government’s Food Pyramid, and you wind up looking like a pyramid!

I think we can all agree that doing anything to excess will turn out badly. But that’s too simple–not enough scope for Experts to spread their wings and fly. They want to be our gods. Turn from the real God and worship Experts. And if their advice lands you in the morgue before your time–well, what else would you expect?

My Newswithviews Column, June 11 (‘”Science” Disgraces Itself’)

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Never mind the social distancing! Let’s have a Mass Protest!

I hope you’ll all click the link to my Newswithviews column today–’cause we could actually witness the demise of science, as an avidly willing sacrifice on the altar of Far Left politics.

‘Science’ Disgraces Itself

(This computer, by the way, is giving me fits this morning. Do computers take LSD when we’re not looking?)

I think we have actually reached the point where a “scientist” will say anything, if it seems to be politically expedient. True or false, right or wrong, never enter into it.

Pagans, all of them.

Fired Christian Wins $400G Settlement from University

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(Note: I missed this story in 2017. Here it is now. Better late than never.)

A scientist who found soft tissue in a dinosaur fossil, and published it, has won a settlement of nearly $400,000 from the university that fired him, so says his lawsuit, for his religious beliefs (

Mark Armitage, who managed their electron microscope lab in 2010, accepted the settlement from California State University at Northridge. The looniversity denied any religious bias, heh-heh. Despite the fact that a biology professor came into Armitage’s lab and announced, “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department.”

Hmmm… What do you suppose would’ve happened, had Armitage been named Abu Shebet instead of Armitage, and was a Muslim? How many looniversity officials would have had to hang themselves before the Democrats’ wrath was satisfied?

Nowadays, just two years later, Settled Science finds itself stuck with dinosaur soft tissue, it just won’t go away. Now that they know how to find it, everybody’s finding it.

Armitage’s thought crime was seeing soft tissue as evidence that the fossil couldn’t possibly be tens of millions of years old; and that Darwinist dogma, tied as it is to an earth that’s billions of years old, can’t possibly be true. You are not allowed to think that, if you’re on a college campus.

Dinosaur soft tissue offers only two possibilities. Either our whole understanding of fossilization is all wet, or the fossils are nowhere near as old as they’re supposed to be. Either way, Settled Science gets egg on its face. They’re learning toward Door No. 1, Monty… They’ll sacrifice their own credibility to save Darwinism.

Because they’ve got so much invested in it, politically. Without Darwinism, communism and socialism take a major hit. No true academic intellectual would allow that to happen.