Our Medical Establishment Dives Off the Cliff

Do Lemmings Really Commit Mass Suicide? | Britannica

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I have found it hard to bring myself to write about this; it’s very distressing news. But we have to know what we’re up against.

The American Medical Assn., the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Children’s Hospital Foundation have asked the, ahem, “Justice” Dept. to prosecute critics who question radical gender (oh God) “medicine,” etc. (https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/3-major-american-medical-associations-want-doj-prosecute-critics-question-radical-gender-medicine). Right up the Biden DOJ’s street, that is. They have called for “swift action” to be taken.

It’s gotten so that whoever owns the keys to the jailhouse also owns the, uh, “science.”

This is just horrendous. Our medical establishment has turned into a horde of lemmings stampeding off a cliff to drown in the ocean. Or some raving lunatic driving his electric car off the cliff.

Is it really necessary to assert that this “medicine,” this gender voodoo, if practiced assiduously, would result in human extinction? Gender “medicine” makes you sterile! And that’s just the least of your worries, bunky.

Is this whole “gender” madness God’s judgment against wicked fools who have made war on His creation?

Please, Lord, remember! These things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.


‘Science and Magic’ (Rushdoony, 1996)

A Tribute to R. J. Rushdoony

Our culture was already in trouble when R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay in 1996. It has not gotten better since.


One thing has changed, though, that wasn’t so glaringly apparent in 1996:

Science nowadays is heavily politicized–almost to the point where it isn’t “science” at all. Can you say “Climate Change scam”? Transgender movement? “Vaccines” that don’t work but earn a lot of money? “Green energy” that costs a nearly infinite amount of public money but doesn’t work? I mean, just for starters…

That’s all what happens with “science” and politics wind up in bed together. They corrupt each other–and they weren’t exactly squeaky-clean to start with.

Rushdoony believe that Christians have to work to build a Christian culture. Like humanists labor unceasingly to build a Godless humanist culture. They work at it. We haven’t. And it shows.

Oh, No! Worse Than Monkeypox!

Sea Monkeys: False Advertising of Science Can Still be Fascinating!

Done with COVID-19? Not yet suitably scared of monkeypox?

Well, hang onto your hats–here comes sea monkeypox!

“Yeah, folks, sorry about that, but we gotta lock you down again,” says Chief Phrenologist Otto Blotto, of the World Wellness Fanabla (WWF). “Thank goodness we already have drop boxes, absentee ballot forms, and mail-in ballots stockpiled in Mordor. So it won’t affect the midterm elections.”

According to information found inside a box of Lucky Charms, sea monkeypox can be contracted by anyone (and probably everyone) living within 2,500 miles of any salt water. Symptoms include a weird-looking physique, growth of a caudal appendage (he means a tail), a sudden eagerness to be trained, and shrinkage down to the size of a brine shrimp. Successful therapy includes casting multiple votes for the Democrat candidate in your district.

At all times, Dr. Blotto added, the WWF will live true to its Scientific Motto: “Democracy dies when Democrats don’t win.”

‘The March for Bullsh–er, Science’ (2017)

March for Science: Rallies worldwide to protest against political  interference - BBC News

How many Useful Idiots can a civilization carry before it collapses?

Now that King COVID has pretty much worn out his welcome, libs ‘n’ progs are reviving Climbit Chainge as the universal boogieman–and the latest thing that only a global government, run by themselves, can save us from.

But in those balmy days five years ago, it was all about making an idol of Science.

‘The March for Bullsh–er, Science’

Oops, wait a minute. It’s still about that, isn’t it?

I’m not even sure what “science” means anymore. When Democrats use it, watch out for your money and keep an even closer eye on your liberty. They mean to take both.

‘The Science Catechism’ (Newswithviews, 2018)

Mad Scientists: When the Scientist Becomes the Subject - Endocrine News

I’m still finding it hard to concentrate long enough to produce anything like a Newswithviews column. Maybe next week, I pray.

Meanwhile, here’s one from 2018 (Good grief! Was that really five years ago? Where does the time go?)

The science catechism

If you’re gonna study computer models instead of reality, and sit like pirates’ parrots on the shoulders of statist politicians, and swoon with admiration whenever you look in the mirror–

Well, you can at least feel like a scientist.

COVID… Forever?

The Psychology Behind Coronavirus Panic Buying | INSEAD Knowledge

Somewhere along the way, this whole COVID business stopped being about “Science”–if indeed it ever was about that.

Now the Narrative (nooze-speak for “thumping great lie”) seems to be shifting from “Omigod we’re all gonna die!” to “It’s those unvaccinated enemies of the People–we’re gonna die because of them!” Hear the teeth gnashing in the background.

The disease kills less than 1% of those who get it. For that we turn whole national economies upside-down? For that we scrap our family holidays? For that we hand over unprecedented powers to bunches of bureaucrats and scheming, slimy politicians? For that we set up… camps? (Yes, Australia has done that. COVID stalags. You could look it up.)

Oh, boy. Call out the troops! Back to vote-by-mail! Lockdown, lockdown! “The Omicron Variant is sweeping across the world….” [dissolve into hysterical screaming]. And we’ve still got about half the Greek alphabet to go!

It’s very difficult to resist seeing this as part of a satanic drive to a totalitarian global government run by mentally ill persons and based on a foundation of COVID panic, phony Climate Change, transgender, and Critical Race Theory. Those are the four corners of the prison that they’re building for us.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

Looks Bad, Smells Bad… Is Bad

Guy Fawkes And The Gunpowder Plotters Wood Print by Print Collector

I hate conspiracy theories. Criminal masterminds hatch a secret plot and next thing you know, Joe Blow on the internet knows all about it! I’d really rather not hear it.

But all this COVID stuff–I’m sorry, but it’s looking less and less like a medical crisis and more and more like a dress rehearsal for a global government. All those mandates! A “mandate” is not a law, voted on by our elected representatives: it is a command handed down from on high. You will not find “mandate” in our Constitution.

This business looks bad and smells bad. It’s like they’re thinking, “If we can temporarily take away a lot of their freedom, maybe we can get away with giving only some of it back! And if we can keep the pandemic going long enough, maybe they’ll get used to being cattle-prodded by the government. Maybe they’ll even get to like it!”

I’m not privy to any conversations among the global government crowd. I don’t have any secret sources. I’m just telling you what it looks like to me.

History tells me freedom is fragile, there’s always, always, always someone out there who wants to take it away from us–usually so they can take everything else, too. The COVID panic was a gift-wrapped golden opportunity for the enemies of liberty.  They weren’t about to waste it.

Medicine does not insist on exactly the same treatment for each and every one of tens of thousands of patients. Medicine does not threaten people’s livelihoods if they don’t obey. Medicine does not make end-runs around the normal processes of self-government.

When I see the behavior of our COVID establishment, I don’t see medicine. I see politics.

AMA Wants to Do Away with “Sex”

Crazy doctor stock image. Image of confident, crazy, doctor - 12924009

One of the things that makes me so flaming tired is having to write about other people’s delusions.

The American Medical Assn. is calling for “sex” to be removed from birth certificates and other official documents. Why? I mean, they’re doctors, aren’t they? So they know perfectly well that every human being, with only rare exceptions, is either male or female; but they don’t want to know that. Because… “it can lead to discrimination” (https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/news/20210616/remove-sex-from-public-birth-certificates-ama-says). Unspecified kinds of discrimination, of course. Noting a person’s sex is also “actively deleterious to their health.” How? Shut up, you hater.

This is the AMA. It’s not supposed to be some bulls**t group that sways this way and that with every change of the political winds. But that’s what you get when you mix “science” with politics. You get politics.

So now it’s a career risk to say a man is a man and a woman is a woman. They know they’re spouting nonsense, they know they’re telling lies, but keep on doing it. They know they’re poisoning our culture in ways that haven’t even been guessed at yet. They know and they don’t care. Go along to get along. And who’s so bold as to disobey the LGBTQ machine?

Integrity… It’s a thing that people used to have.

Are You ‘Anti-Science’?

The Onion on Twitter: "Researchers Warn Coronavirus May Use Propeller Hat  To Stay Airborne https://t.co/jXNyieMQzm… "

Are you anti-science? Before you can answer the question, you have to find out what “anti-science” means. Some guy on YouTube explained it the other day.

Discussing–well, let’s say “denouncing”–“vaccine hesitation,” the Scientist informs us that any doubt, any criticism, any questioning of Science with a capital S automatically puts you in the “anti-science” camp. Boo. Hiss. If you don’t run out and get your shot ASAP, you are “anti-science.”

What do you get when you mix politics and science? You get politics. And that’s pretty much what our exalted Science has become. It got really rolling down the totalitarian speedway with the Global Warming hoax, which has since morphed into the Climate Change scam. And then along came King COVID–just what they were waiting for!

So you can’t ask, “Are we sure we want to mess around with messenger RNA?” You can’t ask, “What will be the long-term effects of this experimental drug, say ten years down the road?” There hasn’t been anywhere near enough time for longitudinal studies, but you can’t say that, either. It’d make you anti-science.

Remember the thalidomide scare of the late 50s-early 60s? The world rushed into that, didn’t it? Well, why not? Thalidomide was science! It turned out also to be a virtual guarantee of horrendous birth defects and had to be pulled from the world market. Happily for the United States, the FDA never approved the drug for use in our country.

Rushing into things, complicated things, just because Science says they’re good things, so shut up–what is this but folly? Is fear of COVID a good reason for trashing our economy and jettisoning our liberties?

If you don’t think so, you must be anti-science.


Oh, No! Air Is Racist, Too!

47,249 Air pollution Images - Free & Royalty-free Stock Air pollution Photos  & Pictures | Depositphotos

Uh… Aren’t our polluted cities governed mostly by “Science”-loving liberals?

When the National Academy of Sciences talks Science, all you peasants better listen!

The NAS has just discovered “pollution inequity,” caused by racist white people whose activities–such as using electricity–turn the air itself racist (https://www.conservativeglobe.com/articles/oh-great-now-the-air-is-racist-time-for-rep-air-ations/). ‘Cause, see, white folks cause most of the air pollution and People Of Color… breathe most of it! (Shut up! This is Science!)

But not to worry, social justice is at hand. The government’s got this. Simply charge those evil white folks more money for electricity–’cause after all they use so much of it–and charge POCs less! It’s a kind of reparations. And NPR is all in favor of that, so there!

Had enough yet, America?