New Executive Order Aims to Get Feds Out of America’s K-12 Education

Well, we’ve gotta start somewhere. Maybe here.

President Donald Trump, in his new “Education Federalism Executive Order,” has directed the Secretary of Education to undertake a 300-day review of assorted “regulations and guidance for school districts” perpetrated by the Obama administration, and to “repeal or modify” measures that she deems “an overreach by the federal government,” according to The Washington Times (

That would include the “guidance” to schools to let the boys into the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms–to name just one of many idiocies.

The purpose of the order is to restore control of their own school districts to states and local communities–control that has been increasingly usurped by the federal government. I don’t believe this can be done without defunding and abolishing both the federal and state departments of education and breaking the power of the Far Left teachers’ unions. A president does not have the ability to do that. But we praise President Trump for at least doing what he can. It may lead to better things.

The underlying problem is the statist ideology that permeates public education, and has done so since public education was invented. A hundred years ago, the teachers’ unions opposed the radical schemes of “educators” in high places. They don’t anymore.

Our government was designed by our country’s founders to serve us; but it has re-designed itself to rule us.

That’s what needs to be changed.

6 comments on “New Executive Order Aims to Get Feds Out of America’s K-12 Education

  1. If this actually accomplishes what it should, we can celebrate. I have seen so many moves on the part of government, including executive, I am always in a wait and see mode. Maybe this time.

  2. Only we the people can take back our education. But I don’t see any movement to do so. Even many conservatives don’t realize that when Trump gives us the ball, it’s time for us to run with it!

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