Iff he Says he Is a Jerafft then He reely is A Jerafft!!!

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We hadded to has “a” spacial meting of The Stodent Soviet “last” Nihght becose thare “is” a gye on campas he says he “is” a Jerafft and he whil Sue evry boddy witch says he Isnt!!!!

And yiu Know the Haters and Biggits thay whil be alll over This,, thay whil be Saying he isnt no Jerafft and That Is A Micro Grecian and anty-Intrasexional and Racist!!! And aslo a Attak on his Idenity!!! And aslo a Attak on Dyvercity its Self!!!!!!!!!! i has addded exter explamation Poynts to proove how Serias this it Is!!!!!!!!

Well frist we voated that “this” gye he REELY “is” a Jerafft and “that” wee The Stodent Soviet wee whil get anny boddy Expalled for hat speach wen thay do Jerafft De Nile!! Yes we whil Get “yiu” Kicked Out Of Collidge fore that!!! Becose thare cant be no True Freeedem unlest evry boddy thay al say and do and Think “the” sayme!!!!!! only it haves to bee watt The Stodent Soviet thinks and sayes or it dont Cownt! this tyme i put ownly One explamatoin Poynt to proove how Serias “this” Is!?;!

And thist moaning in Nothing Studies wee maid evvry stodent “sine” a Ohth that “this hear” gye he REELY is a Jerafft and thare “was” one Iddiat whoo sayed he woodnt sine nothing butt he chainged “his” Mined affter the Rest Of “us” we beet him Up!!!

I amb exited abuote al “this” becose hear At Collidge “we” are chainging The Whirld!!!!


5 comments on “Iff he Says he Is a Jerafft then He reely is A Jerafft!!!

  1. I now self-identify as a billionaire and if the bank doesn’t cover my checks it means they are hater and bigots. Failing to cover any check I write is a hate crime. Support my delusion, or I’ll call you a polysyllabic word. 🙂

    1. When you want a new car, just go to the showroom, point to the one you want, and tell them you identify as the rightful owner of it.

      Who knew the devil was crazy?

    2. Oh, gee–that reminds me of a friend of mine, back in the 1970s, who got “a really great deal!” on a used Mercedes. How used, he didn’t really find out until after he’d bought it. Then he learned it didn’t like to go uphill. Which was awkward, given that his job was located on top of a rather steep hill. Poor sod.

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