Dogs & Bunnies: The Obstreporation

Betcha never thought you were ever gonna see that word in a headline, eh? But obstreporation is sort of what these dogs and bunnies do, once they get going.

Wait a minute. Dogs chase rabbits so they can eat them. Rabbits run away from dogs because they’re terrified of being eaten. But that’s not what’s going on here, is it?

Another glimpse into the Peaceable Kingdom, when it’s ready for us…

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One response to “Dogs & Bunnies: The Obstreporation

  • unknowable2

    It’s fun to watch. Each species plays as is proper for kind. Bunnies do a lot of hopping when they play, as bunnies have been doing since the beginning of time. Dogs lunge and then retreat. If there was a cat in the mix, you’d see wrestling moves that would impress a TV wrestler. Yet, somehow, they make it work and seem to enjoy playing with another animal, even if it plays quite differently from their own species.

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