A Dog and Bunny Paradise

This is one of those glimpses God gives us into His ultimate plans for Creation. “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain…”

The dog is not going to eat the bunnies.

The parakeet is on hand to supervise.

A Bunny with Attitude

Does this rabbit really have such a forceful personality; or is the dog in this video that big a wimp? Really, the bunny’s not supposed to chase the dog. And sometimes ducks and chickens get involved.

Is this bunny too big for his britches?

Dog Can’t Get on Bunny’s Good Side

You’ve got to feel for this little dog. She tries every trick she knows to get the bunny to play with her–“I’ll chase you, then you chase me”–and she might as well be trying to sell insurance over the phone. Bunny’s just not interested.

Maybe she just needed a different bunny?

Not Exactly ‘Man Bites Dog’

I couldn’t find any video of a man biting a dog. The best I could do was “fuzzy little bunny rabbit chases big black dog all around the barnyard.” The chickens, I regret to say, were not amused.

Because animals are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for, they can learn behaviors that don’t seem natural to them. The dog’s supposed to eat the bunny, right? But he’s not going to, and the bunny knows it.

Cwazy Wabbits!

What ever happened to “There are old bunnies, and there are bold bunnies, but there are no old, bold bunnies”? Like, who ever heard of rabbits playing with dogs? Aren’t dogs supposed to eat rabbits?

Not in these videos, they don’t. We don’t yet have the lion and the lamb lying down together, with the little child to lead them; but we do have dogs and bunnies being friends and playmates. That’s a good start–just a little glimpse of what our God has in store for us, down the road.

Dogs & Bunnies: The Obstreporation

Betcha never thought you were ever gonna see that word in a headline, eh? But obstreporation is sort of what these dogs and bunnies do, once they get going.

Wait a minute. Dogs chase rabbits so they can eat them. Rabbits run away from dogs because they’re terrified of being eaten. But that’s not what’s going on here, is it?

Another glimpse into the Peaceable Kingdom, when it’s ready for us…

Snuggling Dog and Bunny

I’m sure I’ve heard it said somewhere that dogs eat rabbits and rabbits run away from dogs. But I don’t think these two have heard it. All right, it’s obvious the poor dog wants to take a nap, he doesn’t feel like chasing anything. But does he have to let the bunny snuggle him all over? You’d think the bunny loves the dog. And maybe he does.

Dogs & Bunnies: Who Knew?

(Crikey, there’s such low readership today! Wish I knew why.)

Someday the lion and the lamb will lie down together. In the meantime, dogs and bunnies can play and cuddle together.

Who would’ve thought it? Like, dogs eat rabbits, right? Maybe we’re getting a glimpse into what God has in store for His whole creation.

Bunnies & Dogs

All right, they can’t play Clue, or Parcheesi, or Mad-Libs; but rabbits and dogs do like to play, and they’ll play with each other. Who says the dogs always eat the bunnies?

I think these unexpected animal friendships are a peek into what’s in store for us when God finishes His work of reclaiming and restoring His creation.