Where We’re Headed (Praise God!)

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Mark Rushdoony wrote this timely reminded of where we and our world are going. It’s a Chalcedon blog piece: “The Operation of God’s Perpetual Providence.”


Eschatology, he says, has got to be “our ‘big picture’ of where history is going.” And we find that information in God’s word.

For God’s providence is never turned off, He is never not on duty. He will do all the things He has said He will do, and we who are His people are, by His loving grace, a part of that. We are not orphans: we have a Father. And a place in Christ’s Kingdom.

Something to remember, in this evil age.

5 comments on “Where We’re Headed (Praise God!)

  1. Amen. We can be sure of it. He makes no van promises and He never runs short on the power to do all His will. It will be glorious when all the enemy is defeated.

  2. We know the overall plan, but the timing is beyond our realm. Nonetheless, Jesus said that we can rejoice when we see the signs happening, because our deliverance is getting near.

    It’s not fun to endure some of what we see happening all around us. I certainly do not rejoice in the evil being promoted in our day, but it can serve as a reminder of the overall plan and there is no doubt in my mind that God’s plans are happening before our eyes. Sooner or later it will all culminate, possibly in our lifetime. Either way, there is reason to rejoice, because God’s word is coming true.

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