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Memory Lane: A Summer Night

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Our back porch wasn’t quite as fancy as the one in this picture, but it did have a glider, a grass rug in the summer (rolled up for the winter), and was completely screened in; and we loved it.

One of the things I’ve been remembering lately is those summer nights when I was in bed and my mother and father relaxed with friends or family on the back porch. All the windows were open; hardly anyone had home air conditioning back then. So I would lie there in bed and listen: the peaceful rumble of conversation, punctuated occasionally by a laugh, and the soft clink of glass on glass–it was the grownups on the porch, doing what grownups do. I never could quite make out what they were saying: grownup stuff, probably, of no interest to a five-year-old.

But the thing I remember most about it now was that it made me feel safe. And secure. It was the sound of things being as they should be. The adults were as they ought to be. It kept the monsters at bay. The boogie-man wouldn’t come out of the woods as long as grownups were out there on their porches, or in their backyards, upholding peace and sanity.

I kind of miss that feeling.

But there is a higher and even more reliable guardian: Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep (Psalm 121:4).

Where We’re Headed (Praise God!)

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Mark Rushdoony wrote this timely reminded of where we and our world are going. It’s a Chalcedon blog piece: “The Operation of God’s Perpetual Providence.”


Eschatology, he says, has got to be “our ‘big picture’ of where history is going.” And we find that information in God’s word.

For God’s providence is never turned off, He is never not on duty. He will do all the things He has said He will do, and we who are His people are, by His loving grace, a part of that. We are not orphans: we have a Father. And a place in Christ’s Kingdom.

Something to remember, in this evil age.

Encore, ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

This is the hymn that insisted on being posted this morning: I must have a need for it. Our God is an Awesome God, by Michael W. Smith. Note that all he has to do is play the first few notes and the whole audience starts singing. I wish I’d been there!

Our God truly is an awesome God, and more than equal to the challenge of even this profoundly evil age. We need an awesome and mighty Redeemer–and we’ve got one.

Behold, GOD is Mine Helper and more Blessings!!

From Kristi Ann’s Haven. We are not alone.     –LD

‘If We Were God’ (2015)

This was originally written as a Christmas message, but it’ll serve for any time of the year.


Think about it! Aren’t you glad God’s not a human being?

‘The Shack’: F-

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So here’s another movie that I do not plan to see, based on a best-selling book that I would, at all costs, avoid reading: The Shack, by William Young.

Steve Brown, of Key Life Ministries, to whom I listened on the radio for some years, was wild about the book when it came out. I never understood that–and neither, he admitted, did most of the other people in his audience. Steve is a rather conservative guy. I interviewed him once; and when someone picked up the phone and said “Key Life Ministries,” I asked the stupidest question I ever asked in my life: “Hello, could I speak to Steve Brown, please?” Steve has a deep, deep, sonorous, down-home voice, impossible to mistake for anyone else’s: impossible, but I did it anyway. As if there could be two voices like that! My only defense is that I never expected the president of the ministry to answer the phone. But I digress.

The Shack preaches universalism: the doctrine that anybody and everybody goes to heaven no matter what they believe. Why, then, be a Christian, if worshiping a ham sandwich will get you there just as well?

So… the protagonist has had some serious agony in his life, and he needs answers. He wanders around until he finds this shack; and in the shack, just hanging out, he finds what Mr. Young is pleased to tell us is the Holy Trinity.

God the Father, Yahweh, the Great I AM–well, that’s a black woman. This has to be liberal para-Christianity’s oldest cliche. I’ll bet there were cave men who were bored to death by it. So give Mr. Young an F- for originality. The Holy Spirit is a prattling Asian woman, and God the Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord, the King of Kings–well, he’s just this laid-back, chilled-out, loosey-goosey Middle Eastern Guy. And the message is, Everybody gets saved.

What Bible did Mr. Young get that out of?

For whatever my opinion may be worth, this seems like a very serious sin: trying to use God to bear false witness against His own enscriptured Word. The Shack can’t be right unless the Bible is wrong about virtually everything. And that, in a nutshell, is what liberal para-Christianity is all about. You can’t believe the message of The Shack unless you disbelieve the Bible.

Give The Shack another F- for theology.

If you have to choose between seeing this movie and watching the grass grow, go for the grass.

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