Mr. Nature: The Amazing Colossal Giant Centipede

Imagine a centipede that’s six feet long, maybe a little longer, and weighs a hundred pounds, and maybe more. Yipes!

Jambo, Mr. Nature here–and today our safari takes us to a tropical forest in what is now somewhere in, I guess, Oklahoma: a lot has changed since then. And there are these things crawling around through the ferns… Not really centipedes; but probably, if you saw one, you would cry out, “Eeyah! A giant centipede!”

Be of good cheer: “fossil material suggests it may have been herbivorous,” scientists have said. Uh, what if the suggestion is wrong? Not to worry–no one has seen a live Arthropleura in donkey’s years.

Why, once upon a time, were bugs so big? Some scientists believe there was more oxygen in the air than there is now. Let me point out that, where fossils of these giant bugs are found, we don’t find the fossils of gigantic birds, chameleons, or anteaters. Anyway, who knows? It’s God’s planet and He has done as He pleased, without explaining it to us. But He’s certainly left enough hints to keep us busy.

I guess the closest I’ll ever come to Arthropleura is the “giant millipede,” eight inches long, that they had in one of our local pet stores and which they let me handle: millipedes don’t bite. It was a gentle little soul, although its feet tickled. Maybe Arthropleura was peaceful and benign.

All I know is, it would take my breath away, to see one.

6 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Amazing Colossal Giant Centipede

  1. Hopefully, when all is made right, we will be able to learn about the reason there were such large creatures back then. Maybe we’ll get to see them in person.

  2. Seems there is a never ending list of discoveries to confound the ones who believe in the “big bang” reason for existence. Don’t tell me God has no sense of humor.

  3. I know this is (shall we say?) responsively incorrect of me, but … BLECHHHH.

    Sorry, but as I often say, “Up to four legs, it’s my friend; after that, we part company.” 🙁

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