We Need More Diversity!!!

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Emergency! The New Jersey State Legislature is not diverse enough! There are too many white men in it! Alert social justice watchers just noticed that this week.

Would you believe it? In all the legislature, you won’t find a single drag queen, or a homeless person, or a black lesbian who’s here illegally, not even one 12-year-old, and no one who even claims to be from another planet!

(Leftids are never satisfied. This legislature just gave them the assisted suicide law that they’ve been clamoring for, for ages–but it’s never enough.)

But has anybody noticed that our state’s auto mechanics aren’t diverse enough, either?

I’m part French, part German, with a little Scotch-Irish thrown in. You’d think I could find at least one Franco-German mechanic to service my car, wouldn’t you? But no! I have to entrust it to persons who are not Franco-German! Who may even be Italian–descendants of those villains from Rome who enslaved my ancestors a mere 2,000 years ago… and I still haven’t been paid any reparations for that.

Who can describe the trauma one suffers by having to go through any kind of interaction with persons who are ethnically or culturally different from oneself? That’s not diversity! [Takes two-minute time-out for a tantrum] Diversity’s when everybody’s just like you! Exactly like you!

I learned it in college.

5 comments on “We Need More Diversity!!!

  1. I heard the cosmetics store Sephora closed all its store for “diversity” training because some R&B singer I’ve never heard of complained of racial profiling. Uh huh. So one person complains and they shut down the whole chain.

    I remember hearing someone on tv, I can’t remember who, that came from another country commented that America is one of the least racist counties in the world, but are among the most fixated on race. Yea, that about sums it up.

    1. Y’know, this nonsense implies that there is some place where there is no diversity. The only such place that springs to mind is the fatzing colleges and looniversities, where everybody had better have exactly the same Far Left Crazy opinion or else.

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