‘An Evil Quote to Remember’ (2016)

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Would you buy a used civilization from this man?

My friend John, the homicide detective, says that in most of his cases, he doesn’t have to do much detecting. “They always blab. They always shoot their mouths off,” he says. “They’ve killed somebody and they just have to brag about it.”

So it is with leftids. You can’t say they’ve never told us what they have in mind for us–in this case, a never-ending “erotic revolt” against morality.

An Evil Quote to Remember

At least Aldous Huxley was honest enough to state it plainly. Or was he only bragging? I think John would say he just couldn’t keep his trap shut.

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  1. It’s amazing to me that so much of the social tumult of our time reduces to that one thing: sexual immorality. For generations untold, sexual activity was inextricably bound to reproduction, but now conception is seen as a negative consequence, a problem easily dealt with as long as abortion is available upon demand. What a tangled web we weave.

  2. Godless philosophies of men like Marx, Freud, Nitzche, Darwin, Alfred Kinsey, and so on, have basically turned man into animal, whose only impulse is to satiate every desire of the flesh. You can see the threads of hedonism through these materialist philosophers since they believe this reality is all that exists, and there is really no point in life expect to gratify themselves through every depraved manner. They are who the Bible talks of as “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”

    1. I have observed that leftids are never happy. They are never content. They never have enough power over other people. Nothing appeases them, nothing satiates them.

  3. I certainly agree with all of your comments. When we speak of a “fallen world”, that is an undeniable truth.

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