Why Do We Allow This Wickedness?

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I haven’t the heart to illustrate this post with any image related to its disgusting content. Here are a couple of nice salamanders instead.

Complete the sentence and win a tin-foil dunce cap! “I send my children to public school because __________.”

Frank Allis Elementary School, in Madison, Wisconsin–principal compels all the kids in the school to watch a video of their male science teaching “coming out” as a “trans woman” [translation: mentally ill man who says he is a woman], complete with newfangled trannie title–“Mx.” instead of “Ms.” or “Mr.”–and warning that not being on board this program means you’re guilty of “hate” and “fear” (https://wakeupendtime.news.blog/2019/06/05/grade-schoolers-forced-to-watch-teachers-transgender-coming-out-video/).

Parents were never notified that such a video would be shown, so they had no opportunity to keep their kids away from it. Some legal action has begun in response to that.

Question: Does this principal really, truly, honestly, sincerely believe that this guy, this wacko of a science teacher, is now “a woman”? If he does, then he’s as wacko as the other guy and shouldn’t a principal. But if he doesn’t so believe, what does that make him but the most depraved kind of liar?

Why are we letting this happen? What will we say when God asks us, “Why did you allow this to continue?”

It wouldn’t have happened when I was in grade school. The community would not have stood for it–not for a single day.

But now that we’re ruled by bureaucrats, judges, teachers’ unions, and Far Left politicians, the community doesn’t have much to say anymore about anything.

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  1. I have a hymn suggestion: Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary. There are various versions on youtube.

  2. I dread to think of what our answer will be when we are faced with this question. This is so sick and disgusting. I would not send a child of mine to such a demented “teacher” under any circumstances. I had to face several issues with the school my sons attended, but nothing as evil as this.

  3. I really like your picture of the salamanders. 🙂 On a similar note to this post, I was reading a book from a popular series to my 6-yr-old son last night and was absolutely horrified to learn that one of the main characters was portrayed as being in a same sex “marriage” as an adult. WHY does this sort of relationship need to be included in children’s books? It was completely unnecessary for developing the plot. Needless to say I skipped over that part and will not read it to him ever again. That’s the last time I let his dad buy him a book without looking through the entire thing first! Warning: you have to screen everything nowadays!

    1. I’ve noticed that in a lot of British TV shows–the little commercial for sodomy just slipped into the story as if it were perfectly normal. These enemies never, never take a day off.

  4. Ugh! I read the article and now I’m even more horrified. Sad to say, I live in the greater metropolitan area of Madison, Wisconsin. Fortunately, my sons do not attend that elementary school but this sort of thing could happen anywhere. Just another thing to add to my prayer list…

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