‘Canada’s Thought Police’ (2013)

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Careful, sunshine, it’ll be your turn next.

Live by Diversity, die by Diversity.

Canada’s Thought Police

That’s what happened to a rabbi in York, who had a nice spot as a consultant to the special police Dept. of Inclusion and Diversity Etc., helping the cops decide who ought to be gagged and stifled for being politically incorrect. But it turned around and bit him when they told him he’d lose his consultancy unless he stopped a speaker at his own temple.

If your town, city, county or state has any government agency with the words “Diversity” or “Inclusion” in it, your town, city, county, or state has way too much money and needs its budget cut way back.

2 comments on “‘Canada’s Thought Police’ (2013)

  1. Diversity, shrmersity – let the best person for the job get the job. Let people say whatever they like and then take responsibility for their words (every idle word shall come into judgment says the Scriptures). The early century Christians said “Jesus is Lord” and were put to death for it. Are we willing to die for our faith in Christ? St. Paul said he died daily – maybe we should follow his example (oh yeah, he was martyred for his faith).

    1. The idea of being martyred for being a Christian in a country that was founded as a Christian country doesn’t appeal to me. I say let’s not surrender our heritage.

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