‘”Christian Fiction”–A Stepchild?’

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Holy cow….

The America I grew up in was a Christian America–but its movies, TV, and books were already heavily non-Christian. Looking back on it, I wonder why that was. It surely has a lot to do with the way America is now.

I don’t remember any such thing, back then, as “Christian fiction.”

‘Christian Fiction’–a Stepchild?

Maybe if we hadn’t cut the Christian religious dimension out of our fictional worlds back then, we wouldn’t need a special category for “Christian fiction” now. I am sure no one noticed it back then–although if anyone did, and had the courage to speak up about it, it doesn’t seem like anyone was listening.

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    1. I’ve had people from the US, now living in Canada (keeping their dual citizenship so they could vote in US elections, even though they openly hated the US and never intended to live there again) tell me that the US and Canada are not Christian countries, and have never been Christian countries. When I pointed out historical examples to the contrary, they would go on the most amazing song and dance to explain it away, including claiming the Founding Fathers were not *really* Christians, but basically just cultural Christians. Re-writing history in the middle of conversations.

      No surprise that they were all atheists.

    2. I would say that America is not necessarily a “Christian Country,” but there are many Americans who are biblical Christians. We are based on Christian and theistic principles, and have a Christian history (in name, at least). But I don’t think that makes America “Christian.” Yet, while the media is a squeaky wheel trying to come across as full on liberal and post-Christian, it is only a small minority who is squawking noisily.

  1. Christian music artists have their own award show, “The Dove Awards.” I have often wondered why, since Christians have the Holy Spirit, why we are not the best writers, song producers, movie makers, best statesmen, etc. etc. When the Millennial begins to emerge I think this will be the case.

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