An Important Announcement from Byron the Quokka: Bell Mountain Trivia

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G’day! That picture up there shows Aunt Feezie, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Ethelred playing Bell Mountain trivia. We quokkas can’t ever get enough of it!

Byron the Quokka here, to introduce The Bell Mountain Trivia Contest, which is like totally all my idea and Lee said I could do it as long as I don’t forget I’m supposed to be running a comment contest–the one you win if you post Comment No. 47,000.

This contest is really simple and anyone can play. Every few days, I’ll ask a Bell Mountain Trivia question. And after 20 questions, whoever got the most right answers wins a prize: an autographed book, most likely. (You know how he is about bicycles.)

Right! Question No. 1:

Where does the best wine in Obann come from?

Of course, it’s a lot easier to answer these questions if you’ve read the books. Aunt Feezie has read The Glass Bridge a dozen times. But as all the quokkas in my neighborhood already know all the answers to all the questions, it wouldn’t be fair for them to be in the contest.

Somewhere out there is a human who knows the Bell Mountain books as well as any quokka! Let’s see who it is.

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  1. Byron, this is great! You are marvelous. Maybe you can figure out a way to post on Lee’s blog without his knowledge. Now that would be a contest – who can make the best posts, Byron of Lee?

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