‘As Bright as the Promises of God’

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I seem to be doing an awful lot of Bible stuff today. Well, when’s a bad time for that?

This heartening essay is by Mark Rushdoony for today’s Chalcedon Blog:


We are not just to believe God’s promises, Mark writes, not just to refrain from doubting them, but “to live in terms of their certainty” and “to live and act in faithfulness to the certainty that He will accomplish it.”

That’s what makes them certainty: He, not we, will accomplish it.

But He does like it when we work with Him.

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  1. On the radio and on NewsMax TV is the conservative talk show host Joe Paggs. When a caller asks Joe how he is doing, he often responds enthusiastically “I’m living the dream.” We as Christians are to be living the reality – the reality that our life is hidden in Christ in God, and when Jesus is revealed we shall be revealed with Him.

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