‘Let’s Make Robots That Evolve!’

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“I think my toaster-oven has fallen in love with your hair dryer…”

It’d be funny if it wasn’t so destructive to sanity: “scientists” saying, with a straight face, “Let’s prove Intelligent Design is wrong by designing robots that evolve!”

Let’s Make Robots That ‘Evolve’!

Unknowable wondered if these announcements are only there to generate publicity and hopefully attract funding. Science as hoopla. Well, it pays to advertise.

I’ve been wondering why the Drudge Report re-publishes so many of these stories. They usually turn out to be tripe.


4 comments on “‘Let’s Make Robots That Evolve!’

  1. Even if this works, it doesn’t prove much of anything. Yes, you could build robots to build robots, but they are still acting upon information brought to them by an intelligent source.

  2. That is the thing. Robots are programmed. Why can people not understand this since it is so simple.

  3. Yes, Drudge has really gone downhill lately. Maybe Matt has retired and we haven’t heard about it.

    When V.P. Pence was on the Sunday show yesterday he was interrogated about Climate Change and he seemed off his game in responding. Jake Tapper kept hammering the fact that Science has concluded Climate Change is dangerous for the human race with such absolute faith – but is Tapper a scientist? No! He just places his faith in the scientists he chooses to believe. It is sickening to watch these unenlightened, anti-God people pontificate.

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