Still Shut Down

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The Chalcedon Foundation website ( is still shut down, we still don’t know what happened to it, and our tech guys are still working to try to bring us back online.

Just a couple of weeks ago some “journalist” sporting a rainbow T-shirt and a Palestinian face mask was “investigating” us for being a “hate group.” The substance of his investigation was that the Southern Poverty Law Center called us a hate group in 2006, so obviously we must be one, yatta-yatta. He complains to our server, and the next thing we know, our website is down.

Some of us have come to believe that Big Tech will do whatever it takes to ensure a Democrat presidency from whom they can buy whatever favors they need. Part of that strategy has to be to stifle conservatives, to erase their presence from the social media.

Meanwhile, Patty has solved and corrected the problem of my book chapters coming out as gibberish, so at least that one can come off Chalcedon’s to-do list.

Please pray for my employers and my mentors, The Chalcedon Foundation. Father in Heaven, we are being kept from our ministry–this is my belief–by the ungodly, who have interfered with our communications. They can’t get at you, so they come after your servants. Please, Lord, see us through this frustrating time, help us get back online, and protect us from the malice of your enemies. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

11 comments on “Still Shut Down

  1. We are indeed entering the end times. Truth WILL NOT BE PERMITTED in the present culture and given that it is so deeply dependent upon technology, you know that the tech companies can do whatever they way to shut us down.

  2. Amen to your prayer, Lee, and I will be praying for the need during my private prayer time.

  3. Google had 427 meetings at the White House during Obama’s two terms as President – that should tell us all we need to know about that Tech giant. We need hundreds of leaders like Donald Trump who will speak up for the forgotten Americans who work hard, obey the law, and pay their taxes. One man can’t do it all (although it is breath-taking to observe how much President Trump has accomplished in 2 1/2 years against so much opposition from both political parties and the MSM).

  4. Where do we report to get the number of the Beast tattooed on our foreheads? (Pardon the graveyard humor.)

  5. The tech tycoons, along with the media, have in essence become a fifth column. If stifling free speech and dissent weren’t bad enough, they are trying to rig the election. Look up researcher Dr. Robert Epstein. He said they can shift upwards 15 million votes without anyone knowing they’re being manipulated or leaving a paper trail. It’s high time we break them up until smaller entities, for the sake of the Republic.

    1. WHAT “republic?” We haven’t had a Republic since before the Civil War. That war ended any such pretense of a republic. Franklin was prescient. We COULDN’T keep it.

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