A Quick Note from Byron: Question 2

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C’mon now, mates, someone must know this!

What is the name of Martis’ horse?

Crikey, how’re we going to have a Bell Mountain trivia contest if no one answers the bloomin’ question? And that was an easy one! It’s not like I asked, “What’s Ysbott the Snake’s middle name?” That one doesn’t count, by the way!

6 comments on “A Quick Note from Byron: Question 2

    1. Nope–it’s a quokka from Rotnest Island, a critter that I never heard of until about a year ago.
      Don’t let any quokka hear you call her a wombat.

  1. Ysbott the Snake’s middle name is Clarence. He never admits to it, though, because it embarrasses him, so you may not be aware of it yourself. 🙂

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