‘Seattle Will Inspect Your Garbage’ (2014)

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Ready for inspection!

Did you know the purpose of government is to “help” people change their behavior? It’s true. Ask anybody on the Seattle City Council.

Seattle Will Inspect Your Garbage

How come it’s always the behavior of normal people that has to change, and never the behavior of the schmonks in the government? Wouldn’t it be an infinitely better world if they were the ones who had to change?

Power doesn’t always corrupt, but if you have it, it just about always drives you crazy.

2 comments on “‘Seattle Will Inspect Your Garbage’ (2014)

  1. How are you suppose to recycle food you don’t want to eat? I guess garbage disposals are the way to go if you live in Seattle. Those city council people need to go to any public school and observe the food being wasted every day. The more money we give the gov’t in taxes, the crazier the ways they will think of to waste it on. The Karl Marx Fan Club wants to raise income tax up to 70% like in the good old days when FDR was ruining America (his was actually 90%).

    1. This is the same Seattle where a councilman said it would be racist to clean the feces off the sidewalk. Do any normal people live there?

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