Magic Moments

Our day today got off to a bad start with an illness scare, plus an invasion of flies, but by and by it settled down and we didn’t have to rush to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, “Unknowable” sent us this video, which has a very soothing effect. I’m convinced these moments, captured on video, give us a foretaste of what our God has in store for us when He finishes His work of restoring the Creation.

It’s going to be great!

32 comments on “Magic Moments

  1. The swan really amazed me. I have seen other evidence of animals enjoying music. If I play music, my cat will usually want to be nearby. She’s a music cat. 🙂

    Let’s hipe that the rest of the day goes well, Lee.

  2. I love the hugging kangaroo. Now I want to hug a kangaroo — but I’ll settle for a quokka.

    Thank you, UnKnowable, for a wonderful video.

    1. Oops, I shouldn’t have said I’d “settle” for a quokka, as though quokkas are only second best. Please pardon me, Byron!

    1. Yes, our friend Unknowable actually lives among animals that could eat him, poison him, or give him the heeby-jeebies. Here in New Jersey we have no dangerous wildlife. Just a lot of dangerous people.

    2. Here we have wild boar that can be dangerous sometimes because of their tusks and wild behavior. Sometimes we see monkeys too, but not recently. There are also mamushi (pit vipers) that are venomous. So far God has kept us safe from these creatures, and I’ll pray for God’s protection on Unknowable as well.

    3. We have Javelina, sort of a smallish wild Pig. I see them in my yard, from time to time. They also use the building I work in as a source of shade, so it’s not unusual to look out the window and see some Javelina having a snooze in the shade.

    4. The first time I saw the Javelina laying there, I thought they were dead. I rapped on the window and one of them opened an eye. I have since found out that they routinely loiter in the shade of the building. A mother Javelina was nursing it’s young outside a co-worker’s office yesterday. The wildlife here is astounding.

    5. It is an adventurous place. My workplace is in the foothills, north of Tucson. The found two rattlesnakes on premises last Thursday.

    6. I like that sort of Jaguar too. For some reason or another, there aren’t very many Jaguar drivers in these parts. I can’t remember the last time I saw one on the road.

    7. You never know what lies ahead. I’ve wanted a sports car since I was fairly young, but I didn’t get one until I was 60.

    8. I’ve been fond of Mercedes-Benz and Ferraris a while back, and am still now a little. But I think (well, for now anyway 🙂 ), a small compact and cheap car is fine for me! 🙂

    9. If you can afford the maintenance costs, a Mercedes is actually inexpensive, in the long run. They will last for a long time, but if you do happen to need a repair, it’s going to set you back a bundle. Every Mercedes I’ve ever driven has impressed me, however. They are exceptional vehicles.

      That having been said; I doubt that there’s a better car for the money than a Toyota Camry.

    10. When I get my driver’s license, and when I’m face to face with my brand new first car (a Camry, maybe?), that will be my magic moment!! 🙂

    11. It’s probably the best car the average person can afford. If you are a surgeon or a highly paid executive, then the Mercedes is the way to go; IMHO.

    12. All of my cars so far have been hand-me-downs from older family members. That suited me. But now I’m the oldest one left, so there won’t be any more hand-me-downs.

    13. Most of mine have been some sort of pickup truck. If I were rich, I’d still drive a pickup and a 2 seat roadster, just like I do now.

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