Sanity Break: Singing to Your Donkey

Enough nooze for now! How about, instead, a brief glimpse into paradise?

This is the kind of thing, I’m sure, that God has in store for us when He regenerates His whole creation. There are times when that seems very far from ever happening. That’s why God the Father gives us glimpses of it.

Walk by faith, think by faith, and live by faith.

No other way will work.

Magic Moments

Our day today got off to a bad start with an illness scare, plus an invasion of flies, but by and by it settled down and we didn’t have to rush to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, “Unknowable” sent us this video, which has a very soothing effect. I’m convinced these moments, captured on video, give us a foretaste of what our God has in store for us when He finishes His work of restoring the Creation.

It’s going to be great!