Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for… Men?

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If this is the best we can do by way of presidential candidates, we might as well shift over to a lottery to decide who holds public office.

In one of this week’s Democrat gabfasts, one Julian Castro, who was actually in the fatzing government, as President *Batteries Not Included’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, told the nation he’s all for “reproductive justice” which would include taxpayer-funded abortions for men. All right, what he said was “trans women.” But “trans women” are men. They are not women, no matter what certain wicked and/or deluded schmendricks claim.

He’s so pumped up for abortions, he wants to give them to men.

There’s no injustice like Social Justice!

Should there at least be some kind of sanity test you have to pass before you get to run for president? Or would that just narrow the field too drastically?

10 comments on “Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for… Men?

    1. It appalls me that we have a major political party that stands for all these things. How did that come to be? When I was a reporter I knew a lot of nice, normal people who happened to be Democrat politicians. Now it’s nothing but a loony bin. What happened???

    2. The name has stayed the same, but the party has been taken over by an element of society which fears no god except their liberal philosophies.

    3. I just can’t figure it. What happened to all the sane people who used to be in that party? Heck, I was in that party!
      But I’ll tell you one thing, which I know is true because I saw it for myself, right up close: the rot set in when the McGovern wing took over the party in 1972. I saw it happen at our county Democrat convention: it was a putsch. Next thing anybody knew, they had the whole shooting match. And they cheated to get it, and they got away with cheating. The normal people never got back in charge.

  1. In a strange (insane) way, it makes sense…. If you’re going to deny that abortion has anything to do with killing a baby, then the fact (oops, pardon me, I forgot there aren’t any “facts”) that there’s no baby inside the man-I-mean-trans-woman has nothing to do with whether hesheitxer gets an “abortion.” I’m sure they’ll figure out the (fake) mechanics.

    Welcome to the hallucinatory society. Once the people are drugged into accepting anything, the tyrants can manipulate them into doing anything. That’s how Satan took over, isn’t it? “Hath God said…?” and “You shall not die….”

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