Fox News: Should Be Faux Nooze

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It wasn’t their fault they went extinct. What’s our excuse?

Hey! Remember Fox News? Democrats called it a far right fake news outlet that tricked poor stupid peasants into being conservatives.

Ah! But that was before Fox hired Bruce Jenner (“Oh, call me Caitlyn! ‘Cause I’m a woman now”). This weird guy with lipstick. And they’re gushing over him, all these so-called “conservatives” who will now be his co-workers. They hail him as “a pioneer.”

Tell me: if you can’t even conserve the distinction between a man and a woman, what can you conserve?

And y’know what’s scariest about the whole thing? The way people whom you’d swear would know better just, in record time or no time at all, spin their moral compass 180 degrees and embrace and celebrate what only yesterday they decried as sin and moral chaos.

Because some guy says he’s now a woman, does that make him a woman? Really? You really, truly, believe that?

The Lord is going to have His work cut out for Him, trying to save this world.

‘Woman of the Year’ Is a Man

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If you think I’m going to post a picture of this freak, think again. Here are some nice leaf insects instead.

No integrity here! USA Today has named some fat guy in the government as one of their “Women of the Year” (

Now, if they sincerely do not know that this man is not a woman, then they are idiots and shouldn’t be reporting “news.” If they do know, and call the guy “her” and “she” anyway, then they are worse than idiots; they are liars.

I have never heard anything approaching an explanation as to why we should all run off the transgender cliff and drown like lemmings in a sea of ignorance, why we must all embrace something that is easily demonstrated to be untrue. Our ruling class pushes “transgender” as if their lives depended on it.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a delusion whose origin is Satanic. That damned near everybody in nooze, Hollywood, politics, and “education” says he believes in it does not make it true. Nothing can make it true.

Somehow I just can’t see sheer unreality as a basis for wise public policy.

New Emoji: ‘Pregnant Man’

Oh, hooray, oh, boy! The new Apple iPhone emojis are out! And now they feature a “pregnant man.”

Pregnant Man, Pregnant Person Among 37 New Emojis Coming to Apple iPhones

And in case that’s not enough for anyone’s addled, smoking shell of a brain, they’ve also got a “pregnant person” emoji.

Why are we doing this? Who benefits from embracing a delusion–and trying to force everybody else to embrace it, too?

We are killing our culture; and it will kill us back.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee: No ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Allowed


The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has struck a blow for sanity, issuing a document that forbids the use of “preferred pronouns” that deny the actual biological sex of the speaker (

Which is to say, they’re rejecting the whole “transgender” scam.

The document, entitled Catechesis and Policy on Questions Concerning Gender Theory, asserts that use of these false pronouns, “intended as an act of charity, instead promotes an acceptance of the separability of biological sex and ‘gender’ and thus opposes the truth of our sexual unity.”

Honk if you can think of even one Far Left doctrine that doesn’t oppose the truth.

How is it an act of charity to accede to someone’s delusion?

Next–how many “devout Catholic” Democrat politicians are going to go ballistic over this? And how long will it take them to involve the, er, Justice Dept.?

And are you up to speed on Gender Theory? Sheesh, how did we ever get by without Gender Theory?

We Told You So: Dems Are Anti-God

Flashback: What Nadler said about impeaching a president in 1998

Governed by… him? God help us.

[Thanks to Erlene for the nooze tip.]

Here’s one from a few days ago that our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. didn’t shout from the housetops.

Debating “transgender protections” in the so-called Equality Act, Democrat reps piled on Rep. George Stuebe, Florida Republican, for telling the truth about “transgender”–that is, it’s a sham and a delusion–and saying it’s a business clearly condemned in the Bible ( That got their knickers in a twist.

But the quote of the day belonged to New York Democrat Jerry Nadler, who said, and we quote:

“What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”

Because it’s a Democrat-controlled Congress. That’s all you need to know.

Is any purpose to be served by pointing out that the very existence of the United States, as we have known it, is founded on the word of God? Our morals, our traditions, and our laws? Does Nadler believe America would’ve been just the same as it is now if the members of the Constitutional Convention had all been Muslims, Hindus, or pagans?

We have nothing left but our prayers, including this one: Oh, Lord! Remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for… Men?

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If this is the best we can do by way of presidential candidates, we might as well shift over to a lottery to decide who holds public office.

In one of this week’s Democrat gabfasts, one Julian Castro, who was actually in the fatzing government, as President *Batteries Not Included’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, told the nation he’s all for “reproductive justice” which would include taxpayer-funded abortions for men. All right, what he said was “trans women.” But “trans women” are men. They are not women, no matter what certain wicked and/or deluded schmendricks claim.

He’s so pumped up for abortions, he wants to give them to men.

There’s no injustice like Social Justice!

Should there at least be some kind of sanity test you have to pass before you get to run for president? Or would that just narrow the field too drastically?

Twitter Bans ‘Misgendering’

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This stuff bums me out, and I can’t bring myself to illustrate it. Here’s a nice monarch butterfly instead.

I just found out you can get permanently kicked out of Twitter if they find you guilty of “misgendering” or “deadnaming.” Holy cow, I don’t even know what deadnaming is!

OK, I looked it up. “Deadnaming” is calling someone by his or her real name instead of by whatever stupid handle he or she has chosen. For instance… Bruce Jenner, Bruce Jenner, Bruce Jenner! Not “Caitlyn.” There, I’ve done it three times. I did it on purpose. Because it’s the truth.

“Misgendering” is the high crime of referring to some mentally ill person by his or her actual biological sex instead of by whatever sex or gender he or she claims to be. It is an offense to speak the truth.

It humiliates us to be forced to speak inane lies that we know are lies. I’d say the schmendricks at Twitter ought to be heartily ashamed of themselves, but shame is an emotion which leftids are not capable of feeling. Ever.

War Against Reality: the ‘Trans’ Movement in China

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Who cares if they bulldoze churches, as long as their minds are right about “transgender”?

None of the international whoopee crowd seems to mind that Red China bulldozes churches and herds Muslim Uighurs into concentration camps; but Amnesty International is singin’ the blues about China and “transgender.”

“China is failing transgender people!” (

Just because truth ought to be heard now and then, let us state that there is no such thing as “transgender people.” There are only seriously disturbed individuals who say they are “transgender”. China hasn’t rolled out the red carpet for them. That they can get “gender reassignment” in China under special circumstances tells us that even the Chicoms aren’t completely immune to this craze.

“One trans woman–” correction: that’s a man who thinks he is a woman, he suffers from a delusion–“nearly died after trying to remove her [sic> should be “his”] male genitals at home,” wails Amnesty. Uh, the fact that he, like, had male genitals is incontrovertible proof that he is not any kind of “woman,” but a man.

Oh, no! They’re turning to the black market for sex-change surgery!

Does anybody here see an eerie resemblance to the abortion movement in the west? All those grim tales of  back-alley abortions with coat hangers. And the next thing you know, it’s a billion-dollar industry with 60 million babies’ lives snuffed out. And now Democrats want to snuff them out even as they’re being born.

This is wicked foolishness, and for the sake of all humanity, for the sake of sanity itself, it must stop. Preposterous can be funny; but this stuff isn’t funny anymore.

We are not under any obligation whatsoever to “affirm” any kind of stupid crazy thing that anybody says about him or her self.