Bunnies’ Playground

Some nice human set up this wonderful playground for his bunnies–in which rabbits demonstrate that they’re no better than we are at remaining on top of round things that roll out from under us. Ooh! I tried that once, as a kid–balancing on top of a trash barrel, like I saw a bear do on TV (on Ed Sullivan’s show, naturally). The cusset thing shot right out from under me and I landed smack on my nose.

Don’t worry–the rabbits in this video avoid calamity.

2 comments on “Bunnies’ Playground

  1. Since our house rabbit is going on 13, she never leaves her pen (although the door is always left open). So, yesterday I took the walk-through tunnels like in this video to our Humane Society only to discover that it was their last day and they were going out of business. I asked why (I have bringing them donations for years) and was told the city council wouldn’t give them more money with a new contract. Looks like my town will be having more strays roaming the neighborhoods.

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