‘Race-Baiting is a Sin’ (2016)

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Live by race-baiting, die by race-baiting

If you want to see real, live, piping-hot racism, don’t bother trying to dig up a KKK rally. Just make a beeline for your nearest college or looniversity. Or don’t even get up from the couch: just click on the nooze and listen to any Democrat.

Race-baiting is a sin; but “progressives” hope to use it to take control of America.

Race-Baiting is a Sin

True, it’s fun to see Nancy Pelosi get racism thrown back into her face by Alexandria O-Crazy-O Cortez, just weeks after Pelosi accused our president of “trying to make America white again.”

But it’s no way to govern a country, and it’s a dangerous toy to play with.

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  1. They are called progressives, but actually, they are regressive. They would have us back in Civil War days.

  2. On “Tucker Carlson” recently was shown a clip of a female Dem who serves on the financial committee complaining how hard it is to understand the world of finance, and how alarm she is to find out it is mostly controlled by white males. So now Maxine Waters and her ilk are wanting to start a subcommittee to make affirmative action apply to banks and financial institutions. With the Dems racism is everything – you are what color you are.

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