‘U. of Cal: Saying You’re Not a Racist Means You’re a Racist’ (2018)

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They love to set it up so they’ve got you coming or going. Guilty no matter what you say or don’t say, do or don’t do!

U. of Cal: Saying You’re Not a Racist Means You’re a Racist

And you know what you do to people, when you presume they’re always guilty? You teach them to lie! If you’re a perpetual accuser, there’s no point in ever telling you the truth. They’ll just lie to get you off their backs.

I suggest all this “racism” crap tossed around by colleges is actually inspiring racism.

When all you do is pretend to care, sooner or later you won’t be able to care.

Where Has This Story Disappeared To?

It's time to say goodbye to the NFL cheerleaders - The Boston Globe

Late last week I read a news story about some college requiring its students to “align” with Only Black Lives Matter–a blatant and outrageous violation of their First Amendment rights–and an anticipated lawsuit over it. At the time I wasn’t able to cover the story.

Now, less than a week later, all trace of it has vanished from the Internet, and no search yields anything but posts dedicated to cheerleading for the Marxist/racist group that has the whole freakin’ country buffaloed. No one dares criticize BLM! ‘Cause if you do, you’re a racist. Yeahbut, yeahbut! Critical Race Theory sez I’m a racist anyway, no matter what I do, whether I support ’em or not. So why bother?

Shut up, they explained.

Boy, are we an easy touch when it comes to giving up our liberties! As a nation we seem devoid of self-respect. We won’t stick up for ourselves. We sit there like potted plants while leftids abuse and dishonor our country.

One more Democrat government, and America is over.

‘UK School Threatens to Brand 8-Year-Olds as Racists’ (2013)

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“You dirty little racists, you!”

The more I think about these news stories I’ve posted over the year, the more I begin to realize R.J. Rushdoony was right–Far Left Crazy, secular humanism, really is destroying itself. Like f’rinstance:

UK School Threatens to Brand 8-Year-Olds as Racists

All the “progressive” things they do are progress only to the pit. Go ahead, tell me how it benefits anyone to have a “racist” label slapped on an 8-year-old kid, by some damnfool of a schoolmarm, that’ll follow him wherever he goes–just because his mommy didn’t send him on a field trip.

Nothing these people “achieve” benefits society. Unless you think live birth abortion and “gay marriage” are benefits. But if you do… well, you’re one of them.

‘Race-Baiting is a Sin’ (2016)

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Live by race-baiting, die by race-baiting

If you want to see real, live, piping-hot racism, don’t bother trying to dig up a KKK rally. Just make a beeline for your nearest college or looniversity. Or don’t even get up from the couch: just click on the nooze and listen to any Democrat.

Race-baiting is a sin; but “progressives” hope to use it to take control of America.

Race-Baiting is a Sin

True, it’s fun to see Nancy Pelosi get racism thrown back into her face by Alexandria O-Crazy-O Cortez, just weeks after Pelosi accused our president of “trying to make America white again.”

But it’s no way to govern a country, and it’s a dangerous toy to play with.

‘Rent-a-Gay to the Rescue’ (2015)

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It’s tiresome to be called a Nazi, Hater, Biggit, White Supremacist, etc., every time you voice a conservative opinion. It’s getting to look like you’ll have to choose between preserving your integrity and preserving your sanity.

If you’re in that bind, you need Rent-a-Gay!


It’s wonderful the way your troubles with the PC crowd melt away if you can trot out a “gay friend.”

The fact that this doesn’t work should not deter you. A lot of the things that we pay for, don’t work.

‘”You’re Still a Racist”‘ (2016)

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Yeah, yeah, shaddapalready, we’ve heard it before–we’re all racists. That’s according to the United Church of Christ.


As a general rule of thumb, try this: Whatever liberals say is important is not important. Whatever they say is so, is not. So if they say all white people are racists, that means that in reality, very few white people are racists. If they say human activity is causing global temperatures to rise, that means it isn’t. You get the idea.

Once you realize that they’re lying all the time, it’s easy to laugh them off.

White Prof Calls for ‘White Genocide’

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An assistant history professor at Drexel University got into some hot water recently when he tweeted, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide” ( http://www.reuters.com/article/us-pennsylvania-professor-idUSKBN14F154 ). And in case we didn’t understand him, he added, “To clarify: when the whites were massacred during the Haitian revolution that was a good thing indeed.” BTW, the prof himself is white.

So who’s stopping him from moving to Haiti?

Now that he’s catching flak for it, the prof says he was only being satirical. But get this. He has “supporters” on line who insist that those who denounce his comments–well, they’re the ones who are “racist.” Not him.

How many times have I got to say this? People who love and respect their sons and daughters do not send them to a public university.

It’s where minds and morals go to die. Or rather, to be killed.

No Time Off for Tone-Deaf Libs

Hey, wake up! Donald Trump’s a racist! Racist! Racist!

While we’re enjoying Christmas music, libs are still out there being… well, libs. I dunno, maybe they take Darwin’s birthday off.

A publicist has invited me, in my capacity as contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, an international Christian ministry, to review “a children’s book for grownups” in which Donald Trump is “lampooned” by the author, who is–what else?–a collidge prefesser.

Wow! She exposes Trump as a racist! Took me completely by surprise–I mean, who would ever expect a lib to call somebody a racist? Betcha Trump is a Climbit Change denier, too.

Once again we are treated to an exhibition of how utterly lacking libs are in self-awareness, having no clue as to how discordantly their message clangs in normal people’s ears. And anyone who’s not aboard their bandwagon is a racist.

But enough of them. Let’s get back to Christmas.