Let’s Play ‘Plague the Cat’

I just had to post this video again, it’s so funny.

Watch the cat try his level best to ignore the guinea pigs, who are doing everything they can think of to stir him up. Is this cat auditioning for a job as one of those Buckingham Palace guards? I wonder if they test those guards’ responses to guinea pigs. They’re not supposed to move or speak or crack a smile, no matter what.

But if a cat can’t ignore these guinea pigs, who can?

4 comments on “Let’s Play ‘Plague the Cat’

  1. That cat looks like he just had a big meal and wanted to enjoy the satisfaction it gave. His tail moving reminded me of someone twittling their thumbs as a way to sit stationary and act bored by it all.

  2. That was hilarious. I’ve always had the impression that cats view other species of animals as being somewhat beneath their dignity. 🙂

  3. That one little guinea pig jumping over the cat’s tail – that’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Amazing that the cat could put up with them so long, but looks like it finally had enough and said I’m out of here, you two go nuts if you want to.

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