‘Now You Can Get a Degree in Nothing’ (2016)

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It’s suicidal. Not only do we teach your people to hate their country; we also teach them to be stupid. And charge them a fortune for it!

Now You Can Get a Degree in Nothing

Today’s satire is tomorrow’s nooze.

3 comments on “‘Now You Can Get a Degree in Nothing’ (2016)

  1. I see all kinds of metaphysical puzzles in this. For example: Can a nothing degree actually be perceived, or only named? And once it is named, can it still be said to be nothing? And so on … for hours of fun in philosophy departments and campus-area bars at midnight.

    I also see many marketing opportunities outside academia. For example: Why spend time and money in school when you can have the same documented study of nothing for only $69.99 plus tax and shipping? Order your very own certificate of nothing now, and also receive a free WOKE button. Hurry! This offer won’t last! (Graduate level certificates are available for an additional $20.)

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