‘Hobbits, Orcs Colonize New Jersey’ (2014)

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Actually, the Orcs aren’t so much interested in colonizing as they are in tailgating and honking at you to drive faster–especially when you’re stopped at a red light. When they’re not doing that, they’re operating leaf blowers.

Hobbits, Orcs Colonize New Jersey

But what I really wanted to do with this post, back in 2014, was to call attention to what was then my newest Bell Mountain book, the seventh in the series, The Glass Bridge. I still marvel at the way artist Kirk DouPonce brought Gurun to life.

I find it very hard to remember she’s not a real person. And sometimes I don’t bother trying.


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  1. Yes, we are secondary creators. Anything we create is only by using the “stuff” God has already created. I love to meditate on God our Creator and the known universe He has spoken into existence. God is so very, very very incomprehensible and beyond anything we can imagine, and yet He has revealed Himself to us as our Heavenly Father. It is so ecstatic to take this all in that sometimes I think I will burst.

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