‘Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism’ (2015)

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“I really am the fairest one of all! Not a racist bone in my body!”

Stupid liberals. They’re so un-self-aware, they don’t even know they’ve cornered the market on racism.

Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism

In 2015 the lib who owns Starbuck’s Overpriced Coffee wanted his employees to bug customers about “racism.” Libs just can’t get enough of it. This caper drowned in a sea of mockery.

Four years later, they’re more obsessed with race than ever–and even farther from achieving self-awareness.

They’re the biggest racists on the block… But of course ignorance is bliss.

8 comments on “‘Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism’ (2015)

  1. Let’s get this straight one and for all! The very concept of “racist” and/or “racism” is from the pen of Leon Trotsky and is a tool with which to sow discord in the West in general and the US in particular. It doesn’t exist! Actually, to dislike, hate or otherwise mistreat people who are “different” from ourselves is called (rightly) bigotry, NOT racism. A bigot dislikes on the basis of his or her own criteria. It may be a matter of race or religion or ethnic origin or taste in art or music etc. The bigot does not consider the individual whom he dislikes, but only that criteria making the person involved disliked, even hated.

    Today’s liberals are not concerned with bigotry. Indeed, THEY are the true bigots and their bigotry is also based on race and religion that they hide by calling those whom they hate “racist.” To address and even acknowledge the current leftist strategy of “racism” is to give them an undeserved victory. We will never get anywhere until we REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE the very concept of “racism.” As long as we respond like Pavlov’s dogs to the charge that we are “racist,” we have lost.

    1. Good one, Valerie! The Democratic Party has blatantly said over and over of late, if you are a Bible-believing Christian you are not wanted in our Party.

  2. Even if we define the whole things for them, they will never listen. They have their agenda, and they will continue to push it to the very edge, and then over the edge. Ignore them, that is the worst thing we could do to them.

    1. It would be a great and glorious thing for America if we could shut down their schools and colleges and put their Democrat Party out of business.
      The “education” system that they took over has done more harm to our civilization than even Hollywood.

  3. I don’t think in terms of race – that is until I am confronted with it on the News shows. I may notice people’s complexions and physical characteristics (I am no Sherlock Holmes or Jessica Fletcher) but what I am interested in is what they are saying and how they choose to say it. The Bible says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” But this is not as easy as it seems because discernment is also required because many we meet and feigning affection in order to manipulate us.

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