‘Immortality for Chowderheads’ (2013)

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The new you!

Beware false prophets, con men, and deals that are too good to be true.

Immortality for Chowderheads

Satan has been promising bogus immortality since he conned Eve in the Garden. Now it’s gonna be hi-tech immortality… because computers always work perfectly and there’s, like, no way the disc with “you” on it is gonna get garbled or mis-edited…

Think of it: 1,700 more years of Hillary Clinton trying to capture the White House. Wow! Where do we go to sign up for that?

8 comments on “‘Immortality for Chowderheads’ (2013)

  1. … and then there’s another change of technology, and no one can find an old computer that can read the disk or chip or tinkle bell that your last “transfer” was made on. So there you are … but where are you? The only thing that doesn’t die among humanity is stupidity.

  2. Neal Stephenson, who George Gilder says is the best writer in America today, has a new book out, “Fall” It has the mind of the billionaire hero of the story uploaded into the cloud after he has been declared brain-dead from a medical procedure. And of course his body has been cryonically preserved – like Ted Williams the baseball player was. It’s not true that Walt Disney was cryonically frozen and his body is underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

    1. Recently the Haunted House in Orlando’s Disney World had to be shut down in order to sweep out all the ashes people had been been pouring out from their loved one’s urn.

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