‘The Centaurs Strike Back’ (2014)

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Centaurs have heaped up a pretty raunchy reputation over the years, but now they don’t want anyone to talk about it.

The Centaurs Strike Back

I am trying to think of some famous centaurs who played a positive role in history–well, good luck with that. Unless you count Albert Einstein as a centaur. There’s no proof that he was, but who uses proof anymore?

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  1. It astounds, and disappoints me, that our civilization has taken a turn towards superstition and mythology. As I drove to work this morning, there was a quite new full-sized pickup truck with a sticker representing an idol on the back window. This has become ugly.

  2. It is indeed, very ugly, and it is snagging so many of the younger generation who think it is perfectly acceptable, not being able to see the danger. Of course, we know the one who is driving it all – the master deceiver, and we should be in constant prayer against such things.

  3. According to Greek mythology, Chiron was half horse, half human doctor…which made him the Centaur for disease control!

    And my trivia question guess is Kara Karam.

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