I Confess to a Crime

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I don’t know that I can even plead temporary insanity on this one. I mean, really–what was I thinking?

Like, there I was yesterday evening, playing Pogo’s new, dis-improved Mahjong Garden game… and I’m not Chinese! Well! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Hey, is this Cultural Appropriation or what? Boy, howdy, if I was a collidge stodent, they’d lock me in the sweatbox for this.

But I want to be fair. Gotta be fair. I’ll give up all my cultural appropriations if everybody else gives up all theirs. I won’t even eat Chinese food anymore. But what about all the stuff invented by white men? Should persons who aren’t white men be allowed to use it? Electricity, air conditioning, modern transportation–you know the stuff I mean.

Liberalism–turning the whole world into one big chain gang.

3 comments on “I Confess to a Crime

  1. Yeah, and I don’t want to see any non-Italians eating pizza, or non-Ashkenazi-Jews eating bagels. (Sephardic and Ethiopian Jews, stay away, ya hear?) And non-Europeans, get away from the beer!

    (Note to any Social Justice Warriors who’ve wandered in by mistake: the above is called “sarcasm.”)

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