‘This Just In: University Punishes Student for Criticizing ISIS, Rioters’ (2015)

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Why does a “Christian” university support this?

We really have to be off our chumps, to keep on founding looniversities that oppose themselves to everything our country stands for. Like for instance:

This Just In: University Punishes Student for Criticizing ISIS, Rioters

Texas “Christian” (that’s a laugh!) University threw the book at a student because he made disparaging remarks about bloodthirsty savages. I’d like to know where they get the authority to punish anyone. Hey, Stalinist jerks! If you don’t want the kid around anymore, give him back his tuition money and send him home.

Nor can I explain why the student allowed himself to be “punished” by a gang of little tinpot tyrants.

For the good of America, defund the universities. Now.

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  1. This is astounding! First off, what business does a university have monitoring someone’s tweets? As long as he didn’t claim to be representing the views of TCU, they have no say in the matter.

    Secondly, where do they get off sentencing him to community service? Who the hell died and left them in charge? Personally, I’m a bit dubious with regard to community service. I’ll go as far as to say that I can understand allowing someone the option off offsetting a fine (if convicted of a criminal offense) by doing community service, but that should be an option and should be carefully weighed against whatever it is offsetting, in order to prevent community service from becoming a source of cheap labor for the state. If it is arbitrarily imposed, that comes a bit close to slavery, in my book.

    Sensitivity training. Fine; where do we find the arbiter of what that should entail? Frankly, if anyone in the scenario above is in need of counseling, I would say that it’s the people at the school whom are more concerned about hurting the feelings of a terrorist group than they are about the victims of those terrorists. The entire concept of sensitivity training seems to reduce to mentally pummeling someone until they change their opinion on some matter. If it brings to mind the book 1984, there’s a good reason for that.

  2. What a sorry change in an institution. I did my graduate work at TCU in 1978-81, while I was stationed at Carswell AFB in Fort Worth. (Yes, I did most of my graduate work while I was still on full-time active duty in the AF. The word “sleep” ceased to have much meaning for me after a while.) 🙂

    As I came to realize, I’d arrived just in time to study with the last of the true scholars and a world-class library, especially the theological holdings and the entire STC on microfilm. A few years after I left, and most of the faculty I’d studied with had retired or were about to retire, the English Department where I’d done my Ph.D. work in the Renaissance, with strong side studies in medieval and 18th century, did away with all the Ph.D. programs except in American Studies and Composition/Rhetoric. With real sadness, I watched the remaining faculty become thinner and thinner in scope. And even the library holdings were gradually “weeded” down to the usual empty shelves and a focus on digital search engines.

    Oh well. It’s happened all over. That’s why I retired earlier than I’d planned. All we can do is mourn over the ashes and pray for a phoenix.

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