If They Can’t Shoot You, They Can Always Stab You

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I believe that culture rot, promoted chiefly by liberals, is behind our era’s penchant for mass shootings. You can’t keep debasing and debauching the culture forever. Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Remember, last year, when London overtook New York City in the murder rate (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/04/03/londons-murder-rate-higher-than-new-york-citys/480860002/)? True, urban paradise Baltimore remained ahead of both of them, with 56 murders per thousand residents. There are probably battlefields with lower rates than that. (Note to self: double-check that outlandish figure.) [Correction: That’s 56 per hundred thousand. Missed a couple of zeroes there.]

London, whose “gun control” laws are even stricter than New York’s, relied on stabbings to catch up to and pass New York in the murder sweepstakes. In a period wherein New York had 32 gun homicides, London had 31 knife homicides–in addition to its gun homicides committed by people who ignored the laws. And bear in mind that they weren’t counting murders performed during terrorist attacks.

One commentator thought that maybe the social media have something to do with the increase in mass shootings. Thanks to the social media, she said, people have more stimuli to anger than they had before, and they can be made mad enough to kill “much faster” than before. I think she might have something there. She does not tell us why people are so prone to rage. But there are a lot of things going wrong in our culture.

Thanks to more aggressive policing, and coming down harder on relatively minor crimes and “incivilities,” New York’s murder rate has steadily declined since 1990.

Put a liberal in charge of the NYPD and that will change in a hurry.

5 comments on “If They Can’t Shoot You, They Can Always Stab You

  1. Where are all the comments today? Did I not get the memo 🙂 Cain was a murderer – it’s in our DNA. Jesus said if we hate our brother in our heart it is murder – yikes, do I ever need a Savior!! I see where even Elijah Cummings is saying we should all tone down the name calling – I hope he was looking in the mirror when he said that.

  2. And after they ban the guns, they find they have to ban the knives (as they’re doing in Britain). And then they’ll have to ban motor vehicles, brickbats, fists, feet, etc.

    Eventually they’ll have to ban people — except then they’d have no one left to rule except each other. So they’ll have to try to ban each other — maybe with guns, knives, motor vehicles, brickbats, fists, feet, etc. See also the the gingham dog and the calico cat….

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