If They Can’t Shoot You, They Can Always Stab You

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I believe that culture rot, promoted chiefly by liberals, is behind our era’s penchant for mass shootings. You can’t keep debasing and debauching the culture forever. Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

Remember, last year, when London overtook New York City in the murder rate (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/04/03/londons-murder-rate-higher-than-new-york-citys/480860002/)? True, urban paradise Baltimore remained ahead of both of them, with 56 murders per thousand residents. There are probably battlefields with lower rates than that. (Note to self: double-check that outlandish figure.) [Correction: That’s 56 per hundred thousand. Missed a couple of zeroes there.]

London, whose “gun control” laws are even stricter than New York’s, relied on stabbings to catch up to and pass New York in the murder sweepstakes. In a period wherein New York had 32 gun homicides, London had 31 knife homicides–in addition to its gun homicides committed by people who ignored the laws. And bear in mind that they weren’t counting murders performed during terrorist attacks.

One commentator thought that maybe the social media have something to do with the increase in mass shootings. Thanks to the social media, she said, people have more stimuli to anger than they had before, and they can be made mad enough to kill “much faster” than before. I think she might have something there. She does not tell us why people are so prone to rage. But there are a lot of things going wrong in our culture.

Thanks to more aggressive policing, and coming down harder on relatively minor crimes and “incivilities,” New York’s murder rate has steadily declined since 1990.

Put a liberal in charge of the NYPD and that will change in a hurry.

Can I Do This Today?

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My allergies were killing me all weekend long, I’m not quite out of the woods yet today, and there are two more mass shootings to write about–not to mention expeditions to the laundry and the supermarket.

How many different ways can I say this? Stirring up strife is not only a sin; it’s dangerous. But what do Democrats do every day? How many times a day do they yell “Racist”?

They blame Donald Trump for somehow raising up “white supremacists”, as if the country were overrun with them, and their colleges and looniversities, every day they’re open, preach hatred of white people. If there is a white supremacy movement in America, it was liberals who created it. And liberals who fan its flames for all they’re worth.

I don’t believe these people are quite sane.

O Lord! For the sake of those of us who call upon your name, spare our country from destruction: for the same ones who hate you, hate us and hate our country. You would have spared Sodom, if you’d found ten people in it worth saving. So spare us; and deliver us out of the hands of those who would destroy America. You know better than we do, Father, who they are.

3 Mass Shootings Gun Laws Didn’t Stop

Has anybody noticed the total abject failure of gun control laws, especially in the past few news cycles? Three examples spring to mind.

*The high-profile “Planned Parenthood shooting” in Colorado

*The mass shooting at San Bernardino, California, at a facility for disabled adults

*In New Orleans, a shooting at a playground left 17 children wounded. That no one was killed outright was not the shooter’s fault.

So who did these shootings?

Colorado: A kook who lived alone in a shack in the woods, and once identified himself as a woman. He looks kind of like the Unabomber, if you remember him.

California: A Muslim and his Muslim wife, and a third shooter who has not yet been identified.

New Orleans: Gangs, of course. The first suspect arrested and charged is a 32-year-old career criminal whose rap sheet includes any number of violent crimes. ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/11/29/new-orleans-park-shooting-suspect-held/76547580/ ) I have linked to a USA Today article because for some reason which I’m sure you can’t possibly imagine, most of the nooze media haven’t been talking about this one.

What do we learn from these shootings?

Lunatics do not obey gun control laws.

Muslims who wish to kill the infidel do not obey gun laws.

Career criminals do not obey gun laws. In fact, they don’t obey laws, period.

History lesson: The purpose of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, the right to bear arms, is to protect the American people from their government, should it ever have tyrannical designs.

Oh, well, we know that will never happen, don’t we?

Gun laws only disarm the peaceable and law-abiding. The killers among us ignore them.

Right, Chicago?