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‘The Last Rose of Summer,’ Take Two

The first time I tried to post this lovely song here, I had nothing but problems. So here it is again–The Last Rose of Summer.

This goes straight to my heart. Poems written by Thomas Moore do have a way of doing that (“The Minstrel Boy,” “Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms”). And I can’t see Andrew Rieu and his orchestra without remembering my aunts at Christmas time, and how they loved his music.

Well, the post seems to have worked this time.

And it looks like the worst part of my allergy attack has abated, thanks be to God.

‘The Last Rose of Summer’

I’ve been having a terrible time trying to post this video.

This morning, for no reason I can discover, the procedure I’ve used to post videos–used it thousands of times without a problem–suddenly refused to work. WordPress has given me an alternative procedure that’s very complicated and difficult.

This day is shaping up to be a ripe old rotter.

I wished to post this beautiful song… to relax! Well, that didn’t work out. All I’ve done was lose about two hours of work time. Now I have to try to catch up. *Sigh*

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